November 6, 2020

*Don't forget about this Friday night! CFTP BBQ 6:30 PM at Draper City Park*

SWODSnatch AHAP x4 (As Heavy As Possible, only count successful attempts. You only get 2 attempts at a failed weight before you must drop weight)This is not necessarily your max... You only get 4 attempts... Score will still go on the board

WOD"Hermes" (From FML Comp) w/ a CFTP twist8 Minutes to compile max weight7/5 C2B Pullups (Comp 5/3 Ring Muscle ups)1 Attempt heavy snatch (Failed attempts do not count towards score)

Then rest 2 Minutes4 Minutes to add 1 pound per rep of this amrap5 Deadlifts 95/655 Hang Power Cleans 95/65

Score is total pounds lifted...

SPARTAN (Time to start training for next year!)

Run 2 MilesThen in any order:30 Burpee Pullups30 Calorie Row30 Calorie Bike5 Rope ClimbsThen:800 Meter Burden carry Slam ball 30/20

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