8.17.2014 Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight

November 6, 2020

A little Pistol fun on our CFTP Hike up at Timp yesterday. Thanks to everyone who came!

Good Afternoon CFTP,I hope your week in the gym was as awesome as my vacation was! It was a good break and I am ready to go back at it this week in the gym. That leads me into what I want to talk about today.REST DAYS! Recently we have completed some benchmark WODs and while many of you had amazing results with huge improvements, some of you had a mediocre improvement or no improvement at all. While any kind of improvement is great we always want to use this data to figure out what, we as athletes, can do better to get the most out of our bodies. A recurring theme I see, especially with newcomers to CrossFit, is the misunderstanding of what a rest day means or even what a rest day is. So hopefully I can explain this subject for you.Rest days are a must. In a WOD you push your body to the limit. They are intense workouts that are meant to push you mentally and physically. They are exhausting and our mind and body can only withstand so much punishment before it starts to digress. You must know what your body can take. We say it all the time, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!Every year I take a minimum of one week straight to just rest (this is hard for me but I know I need it). I need this in order for me to stay motivated and for my body to recuperate from what I have put it through. On top of this I take at least two days off from WODing every week. Now when I say this, that does not mean I do nothing on those rest days. I still may go for a light jog or go for a hike or go swimming or go golfing. I stay active and this is what we call an active rest day. This gives your body some much needed time to rest from what you put it through at The Point.Many of you know Coach Nate and his recent performance on WODs at the gym. He is putting up numbers that are dumbfounding me as a coach. I asked him one day why he thinks his performance has improved so greatly and his response was, "I rest." He went on to tell me that many athletes don't understand what it means to rest. When you rest, your body is able to build muscle and recover. If all you do is break it down then there is no time for those broke down muscles to build back up.I want you all to look at your workout routine and make adjustments as needed. Try different strategies. Be efficient with your workouts and I believe that you will be excited at your results and the way you feel.Coach Dan

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Hey everyone at CFTP. Most of you don't know me because I've pretty much stuck to my 6:30 am class and haven't branched out to other classes here. What can I say, I love my 6:30 buddies! JoAnn wanted me to tell you a little bit about myself… so here it goes.I'm a mom of four fabulous kids ranging from 11 to 3. My family is my life. We love to do anything outdoors. We hike, ski, rock climb, wakeboard… anything that requires us to be outside… especially in the mountains, we are doing it. My kids are better at all that stuff than me, thanks to their adventurous dad :)As for me, when I'm not knee deep in mom stuff, I'm usually making cakes. I've owned my own wedding cake business for a little over 7 years now. I love to be creative, and this is a great outlet for me to do so. Now if I could just figure out how to make a good tasting calorie free cake, I might just have a chance to look as great as all you beautiful ladies at the gym! :)How did you decide to try CrossFit?I decided to try Cross Fit because my brother Thayne Sohm kept bugging me to try it. After a few months of him telling me how great it was, I finally did a trial class with his beautiful wife Nicole, and I was sold….. are SORE :)What made you choose CrossFit The Point?At first, the biggest reason was to be able to work out with my brother. Most of you know him…. he's an incredible motivator and great support. He has the ability to push me in a positive way. It was also a great plus that CFTP is only 2 minutes from my house :)Now that I've been there for a while, I LOVE that everyone knows you and supports you. I love the coaches and that they are always very aware of me and making sure I'm doing the movements correctly as well as encouraging me to keep going.How long have you been CrossFitting?About 4 monthsHas CrossFit changed you in any way since you began?CrossFit has changed me in that I'm enjoying working out again. I feel great every day I leave the gym because I did something hard. I'm not the fastest in the gym…. intact, I'm still the slowest most days, but I'm doing it and I love it. I think that's the most important.What advice would you give someone who is thinking about coming to CrossFit?Don't psych yourself out. It's hard. You're going to be sore, but that's part of the fun. The accomplishment you feel when you've finished a workout you didn't believe you could do when it began is one of the greatest feelings out there. Every day you prove to yourself that you can do hard things. Every day you get stronger and more confident. That's the addicting power of CrossFit.I would also encourage anyone wanting to try CFTP to come because of the people there. They truly care about you and want you to succeed. I'm blown away by the support I've gotten from the coaches. Especially Dan, MIchelle and Jaimee….. and my brother, Thayne…he seriously should be a coach.What is your favorite lift/movement?My favorite lift is probably the dead lift. Because I actually feel strong when I do that lift :) lolWhat is your biggest goal at CrossFit?My biggest goal at CrossFit is to just try and improve each day, have a good time, and feel confident in what my body can do.Some comments about Turia from some CFTP trainers and members: “As a coach, I am so proud of Turia! It's always amazing to see someone come to CrossFit and literally transform before your eyes; not only physically, but mentally as well. Something (among many things) that I love about Turia, is she never gives up. She is fights, and it's so inspiring, to me as a coach, and to everyone that surrounds her! I am so blessed to know her and be apart of her incredible journey. So proud of you Tur! You're doing amazing work, and it's paying off! Thank you for blessing our gym! xox”“What I love most about Turia is that she is a very positive person that has motivated several different people to start crossfit. I notice every morning she walks in no matter how hard the WOD is. She is determined to give it her all. Her progress from day one has really been inspiring!! Number two on my “what I love about Turia” list is that Turia has a personality that I find contagious. I never see her walk into the gym with a bad attitude. She gets there and is ready to work. I love the excitement she gets after she has worked so hard to be able to RX a movement and get a new PR. I love having her at our gym, the girl is on fire, literally!”

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