November 6, 2020

2018 Lockdown Week 2WOD5 Minutes1-Rep Max Back Squat (Both Partners)5 MinutesMax Distance Row5 Minutes1-Rep Max Deadlift (Both Partners)*This will have two scores.#1 will be total weight lifted between the partnership.#2 will be the distance on the rower.200 Points up for grabs!No transition time.

Rules:No spotters allowed on the back squats.Partner can help load and unload.One bar per partnership. Partners will use same bar. There can be a bar for the back squats and a separate bar for the deadlifts.Weight can start preloaded. CLIPS MUST BE ON BAR!One rower per partnership. Switch as many times as you'd like.Two scores:Score 1 = combined weights of heaviest Back squat and heaviest Deadlift from each partner.Score 2 = Distance on rower in the 5 minutes.Both scores worth 100 points each.

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