November 6, 2020

Wednesday Schedule
CrossFit: 5:30/6:30/7:30/8:30/9:30/Noon/4:45/5:45/6:45
Burn: 6 and 9:30 AM
High Fitness: 7:30 PM

CrossFit Workout
Gymnastics Skill
On the 2:00 x 3 Rounds:
12/9 Calorie Row (Should be completed in under 30 seconds; if not, scale down the calories)
Max Ring Muscle Ups or Max C2B Pull-ups or Max Pull-ups or Max ring rows in time remaining. Score is total reps on the gymnastic movement.

"Big Clean Complex"
6 Sets For Load:
3-Position Squat Clean
Push Press
3-Position Squat Clean
Push Jerk
3-Position Squat Clean
Split Jerk

This 12-rep complex is a Barbell Conditioning piece that will challenge both our stamina and strength

The full complex is designed to be completed without putting the barbell down

We can keep things on track for these 6 sets by completing 1 every 5 minutes on a running clock:

Set 1: On the 0:00

Set 2: On the 5:00

Set 3: On the 10:00

Set 4: On the 15:00

Set 5: On the 20:00

Set 6: On the 25:00

The goal is to climb in weight with each set as we build to a heavy complex for the day

With a lot of reps to complete, a good place to start is likely around 45-50% of your 1RM Clean and Jerk

Your final score is the heaviest complex successfully completed unbroken

The complex flows as follows:
High Hang Squat Clean (Pockets)
Hang Squat Clean (Above the Knee)
Squat Clean (Floor)
Push Press (No Re-Bend of Knees)
High Hang Squat Clean
Hang Squat Clean
Squat Clean
Push Jerk
High Hang Squat Clean
Hang Squat Clean
Squat Clean
Split Jerk

Burn Workout:

4 Rounds:20 TRX pistol squats (10 per leg)5 deadstop swings20 side kick through (10r/10l)5 deadstop swings20 box blasters5 deadstop swings10 burpees5 deadstop swings

At-Home YouTube Workout: https://youtu.be/BVRwmAPjNK0
For Time:
Double Dumbbell Power Cleans (50's/35's)
Double Dumbbell Push Press (50's/35's)

Single dumbbell alternative:
I said double the amount in the video but you will actually do:
Alternating Dumbbell Power Cleans
Dumbbell Push Presses (Alternate every 5 reps)

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