November 6, 2020

Photo Cred Steve Arnoldus

WARMUP: (15 Minutes. Get started right as you come in)3 Rounds200 Meter Run10 Good mornings with empty barbell20 Double Unders10 Pullups

SWOD:Snatch Grip Deadlift 3x3 @ 60% of Deadlift 2x3 @70% of deadlift

WOD OPTION A:LOCKDOWNFor those not competing in the Lockdown; grab a partner and have a go at this week's Lockdown WOD. For those who have already did it you are welcome to do it again or go to WOD OPTION B

WOD OPTION B:21-15-9Thrusters 115/75Box JumpsStart and Finish With 400M Run

WOD OPTION C:One of the two posted Spartan Options this week

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