Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 1.1.2017

November 6, 2020

Good Evening CFTP Peeps,I am so excited that January 1st this year landed on a Sunday. The first day of the year is such an important part of the year. No matter who we are, we all do a little bit of soul searching at the beginning of each year. Even if it is cliche to set goals on January 1st we still in one way or another do it. I am a huge advocate of goal setting and planning and so January 1st is like Christmas to me. I love seeing everyone taking an inventory of their lives and deciding what to change or what to keep the same in order to continue to progress towards the type of person they would like to become.In my opinion, in order to set goals for the future we need to take an honest inventory of the past.

While out riding yesterday I snapped this picture. We had made our way to the top of a nearby hill and this is looking over towards the box in Bluffdale. I've been thinking a lot about what I wanted to say today and this picture was a perfect illustration of what I have been thinking about. In our day to day lives in and outside the box we can only see what is right in front of us. When we have gone out the door these past few days, sometimes we couldn't see more than a few feet in front of us and a few feet behind us. We couldn't see the beautiful snowcapped mountains around us. We couldn't see the trees and the grass. No matter how hard we looked we could never see the bigger picture.In life and especially in fitness, I fear that the majority of us get stuck in the fog of our memory. We get stuck and we don't see really just how far we have come. We can't see the mountains we have built. We can't see the progress that we have made.So, before making your 2017 goals I want you all to look back and appreciate just how far you have come over the past year. As your coach at The Point, I have seen each and every one of you overcome obstacles this year. I have seen you hit personal records over and over and over again. You all have put in the hard work and have built a foundation and built habits that will make this year's resolutions possible to accomplish. You have laid the groundwork for this upcoming year and I know that you all are ready for 2017.Now that you have gotten on top of your hill and seen just how amazing this past year has been; it is time to make goals for the future. JJ Peterson posted something today and he has allowed me to use them here.He wrote this:"10 bullet proof ways to make sure you live far below your potential in 2017:1. Compare yourself to others2. Never serve others3. Blame others4. Dwell on mistakes of the past5. Make excuses6. Fear failure7. Set really small goals8. Wish for happiness in the future9. Complain about everything10. Think negative thoughts"

I love all of these but for these purposes I want to focus on a few of them.

#1 Compare yourself to others.

I have seen nothing but failure come from this. There is a difference between letting others around you push you to be better and comparing yourself to those around you. Using our friends and fellow box mates to help us reach new heights is a good thing but when you get bogged down on saying "I'll never be as good as her" or "He is so much better than me, why should I even try?" then that's when we have failed ourselves. We all have our strengths and weaknesses and are all on our own fitness journeys. Let those around your inspire you, not bring you down.

#4 Dwell on past mistakes.

We all have regrets from the past. In the weightlifting world dwelling on these mistakes and misses of the past can be destructive to our progression. I recall one of my past mistakes I made on a snatch where the bar came down on my lower back. The memory of that stuck with me and prevented me from progressing in my snatch for quite a long time. It was only after moving on and learning from it, was I able to once again increase my snatch weight.

#5 Make Excuses and #3 Blame Others

I feel like these two go hand in hand. Many times our excuses start out because so and so... In the military, well at least that's where I first heard this, they used to say "Excuses are like ***holes, everyone has one and they all stink."

#6 Fear Failure

I've been watching some posts and memes pop up joking about how it's a novel idea not to set goals because we're just going to fail anyways, so why put yourself in that position? Even Late night with James Corden got in on it with Meghan Trainor with their song "It's all about that change". I know it is all in good fun but I remember these lyrics from the song:

"Resolutions are worthlessWe all know that's why we're hereI'll be the same disappointment I've been for the past three years"

How sad is that last line? Don't fear failure. Just plan better.

#9 Complain about Everything and #10 Think Negative Thoughts

I believe these two are two of our biggest downfalls. The way we think and talk affect what we do and what we can potentially accomplish.

Thank you JJ for allowing me to expand on your post from today.

Over this next year I want to do better on learning from all of you and also learning more about your fitness journey. My goal, starting next week, is to have a new spotlight on one of our awesome members each and every week so we can learn from them and learn more about them. I know that you all have overcome a lot since joining the point or even before and I think we all can benefit greatly from your story.

Tomorrow we get to do a CrossFit The Point tradition "Snowy Murph". Why do we do this?

I started my CrossFit journey 6 years ago and one of my first ever WODs was Murph. I started with some battle buddies over in Iraq and on the day we did Murph it was rainy and not great conditions but we did it anyways. This laid the framework of my journey in CrossFit. Sometimes we do stuff that just plain sucks but we are better for it. What better time to challenge ourselves than at the beginning of the year in the dead of winter?!

I am very excited for 2017. Every year I feel like this is going to be the best year and it hasn't disappointed yet. I am so grateful for all of you. Thank you for believing in this process and thank you for trusting me and my team enough to put your fitness goals in our hands and letting us be part of your personal journey.

Coach Dan

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