Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 1.13.2019

November 6, 2020

Good Morning CFTP,First off, I have loved the responses I've gotten for your 2019 goals. I have responded to you all and plan to get weekly checkups on your progress. Please, if you have not sent me your 2019 goals, send them to I want to help keep you accountable and I want to help you progress throughout this whole year. This isn't just going to be a January thing. I have it set out to check in with you each individually on Sunday and help you accomplish your goals and then set new ones throughout the year. I've only had a handful of you take advantage of this. Let's hear all your goals! These can be as personal or impersonal as you like. They will be goals that you and I will work on together.

I have to boast about these peeps! 14 of your CFTP family competed yesterday and seriously did us all proud. Not only did they represent us well with their physical performances but I was also so impressed with how they presented themselves with their attitudes and work ethic. There were some frustrations but they didn't let the moment get to them and they just put in work. There were so many great teams at this competition and they all placed so well. This competition was also going on all across the nation and I thought we would take a look at where they all placed.Beast Mode Babes (Lindsay, Cami, Mandy) took 2nd at SLC and 61st out of 348 teams nationally in the Female Intermediate Division!Mom Jeans and Power Cleans (Chelsea and Jessica and Kerrie) took 2nd as well at SLC and 36th out of 527 teams nationally in the Female Scaled Division!Mom Jeans and Squat Cleans (Leslie, Tashina and Kesley) took 6th at SLC and 217 out of 527 teams nationally in the Female Scaled Division!Tri-Tips (Dave, Adam, and Steve) took 10th at SLC and 144 out of 530 teams nationally in the Male Intermediate Division!Flexual Healing (TJ, Slim, and Eric) took 2nd at SLC and 62nd out of 256 teams nationally in the Male Scaled Division!Really proud of these peeps. If you see them in class, be sure to congratulate them. They have earned all the praise we can give them.I wanted to finish this Sunday Spotlight with a thought. I read a quote from Coach Ben Bergeron and it got me thinking a lot about my mindset each and every day and goes with what I personally have decided to work on this year."If you are looking to compare your score to others, or even your previous best, you are competing. You make more adaptations through practice and training than you do competing. Don't compete yourself out of shape."Totally opposite of what I have done or what I have preached over the past years, right? Don't compete?!?! You're crazy! Well, I have found myself getting burned out when all I do is fret over beating my previous time. I have gotten over being first in the gym years ago but I noticed that I still am constantly pushing myself to beat myself every day.It is not wrong to compete and to push yourself to new levels through competition but sometimes you just have to put your head down and put in work. Sometimes we may need to scale back and work on form rather than going for a personal record every day. Some times you need to look at your time in the gym as a time to improve on a weakness rather than be better than everyone else.Progress will come as we put in the work. Progress is measured through consistency. I won't bench press 225 pounds tomorrow if my max is only 185 today but with consistent work and training over time, I can hit new records and accomplish my goals.Coach Dan

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