Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 1.14.2018

November 6, 2020

Good afternoon CFTP!

First and foremost, CONGRATULATIONS TO THESE AWESOME LADIES! They competed yesterday in the Functional Fitness competition down in Orem. I wasn't able to attend but heard about their awesome triumphs. So proud of you four. Thank you for representing The Point!When I was talking to Chelsea and Jessica prior to this competition they said something that I think makes a lot of sense. Both of them admitted that although sickness and holidays had slowed down their progress in the gym, that having this competition they had committed to kept them going and kept them more consistent.I think this is very true for all of us. When we have a goal or an upcoming race or competition, we do a better job of staying healthy and achieving the smaller goals of going to the gym, working extra on your pullups, running extra on days you don't work out, eating better in the kitchen, etc.I know for me personally, this is 100 percent true. That's why I am always encouraging others to sign up for something so they have something to work towards. That's why every quarter I have DexaBody come and scan our bodies and why every quarter, no matter what, I get scanned. It keeps me honest with myself and keeps me working to better myself. That's why every year I sign up for the CrossFit Open.

That's why every year I encourage all of our members to sign up and incentivize them with an awesome open shirt. I don't get any kickbacks for you signing up. I don't get any portion of your $20. I am actually losing money by purchasing shirts for those participating. So why do we do it? Because I feel it is so important to test yourself at least once a year and The Open is a perfect opportunity to do so.What is the Open? For those of you who are new to CrossFit. The Open is the first step to the CrossFit Games. Those Games that you have seen broadcast on ESPN. Every person that is at The Games must first compete in The Worldwide Open. The open leads to Regionals, and Regionals leads to The Games.The Open has two categories. Rx and Scaled. So, no matter what level you are at you have a level for you to compete at. Registration opened this past week and I hope that you all will sign onto and get registered. Please be registered ASAP so we can get our shirts ordered and in before the Open is over.I am so proud of all of you who have recommitted at the beginning of 2018. I love seeing the consistency in our classes. Don't let that die. Keep coming in and I can promise you that you will see results like you never have before. All it takes is hard work and consistency... Oh and it may take some self control in the kitchen. ;)Coach Dan

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