Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 1.15.2017

November 6, 2020

Good Afternoon CFTP,First and foremost... Congratulations to our two teams who competed at The Abominable Snowdown yesterday. Amy Merrill and Angie Patterson competed in the Scaled Women's Division and Coach Jeffrey Wheeler and Jason Judd competed in the Scaled Men's Division. Both teams did awesome! Wheeler and Jason finished in sixth while Amy and Angie finished on the podium in 3rd place!!! Thank you for representing The Point! I love seeing our people compete in these local competitions. You really do learn a lot about yourself when you compete.Speaking of competition. This past Thursday something amazing happened... The 2017 CrossFit Open opened their registration!!! For those of you who have competed in year's past know how much fun it is to do this together. For those of you who don't know what it's all about... Here's a little information.The CrossFit Open is a worldwide competition. The cost is $20. It only costs you $20 to see how you stack up against the rest of the CrossFitters in the world. While this is a worldwide competition it really is about gauging your progress. This competition runs every year. There is a scaled and an Rx division. I have done this competition since 2012 and it is so cool to go back and see the progress you make over the years. For me as a box owner it is a chance to see the progress as a Box Team as well. For example... Here are our results over the past 4 years.SouthWest Regional CrossFit The Point Team Ranking:2013 - 146th out of 1812014 - 81st out of 2472015 - 81st out of 2422016 - 41st out of 253That is so cool! Every year... Even though the teams grew we went up in the rankings. Last year we jumped 40 spots! Teams are getting stronger and we are keeping up! I love seeing this. This is why I love The Open so much. It is fun to come in and get your workout in but it is also cool to see some validation on your progress as an athlete and as a gym.Last year we had 99 of our members sign up! It was so much fun. How does the Open work? The CrossFit Open begins the last week of February. On the final Thursday of February, CrossFit will announce 17.1. 17.1 means it is the year 2017 workout #1. Once the WOD is announced we have until Monday night to complete the WOD and submit it. This will go on for 5 weeks.What do you have to do?All you have to do is go to and sign up. Once you are signed up, you just need to complete the WOD every week and submit a score. At CrossFit The Point we will be programming the WOD every Friday. So you will be doing the WOD anyways. Another thing we do at The Point is that if you sign up... WE WILL GIVE YOU A T-SHIRT! These T-shirts are designed by the one and only Steve Arnoldus and are pretty awesome! I still wear mine all the time. We will be posting the 2017 design shortly.Another thing we do at The Point is we will host a throwdown for all of us to come in and complete the WOD in a fun atmosphere. Last year we did it on Friday nights and Saturdays. I will be taking a poll soon to see what day works best for you all this year. You don't have to compete at the Throwdown but it is a blast to come and watch everyone work hard and complete these challenges.This year we are bringing something else to the table. CrossFit The Point will be sponsoring a team to compete at the Battle of the Boxes at Fitcon. This is a competition where there will be teams from different gyms across the state and surrounding states who will compete to see which box is the best. The way we will pick those participating in this competition is through The Open. There will be 4 guys and 4 girls on the team. The top 3 guys and the top 3 girls from the open will fill the first 6 spots. The final 2 spots will be selected through another WOD that we will complete after the Open.I know many of you might feel like The Open is not for you. The Open is for everyone. It is a fun opportunity for us to get together and push each other to be better. It doesn't matter if you are first place on the board or last place on the board. You should be in The Open for you. I absolutely love going back over the years and watching my progress as an athlete. It is so fun to set new goals and the only way you can set improvement goals for next year is by doing The Open this year.I am going to publicly state that CrossFit The Point has set a goal of over 100 members participating in this year's Open. I will set another goal, CrossFit The Point will beat last year's 41st ranking and will break into the top 35 teams in the Southwest Region. I believe we can do it. The progress I have seen from all of you has been astounding. In order to do it, I need everyone to bring their strengths to the table. Our team score comes from the top 3 guys and top 3 girls every week. Even if you struggle in one week you could help us in the weeks to come.I want to leave you with an experience from one of our athletes this week. I always get a little bit nervous when it's time to retest in a body fat competition. The reason I get nervous is because sometimes the results aren't what we had hoped. This past week we had our body fat retest and while many of us were psyched about the results, some weren't. There were a few of these individuals but there was one in particular that impressed me. Carolyn Turcotte is an evening athlete and is very consistent. She hits the gym 3-4 times a week and had high hopes going into the scan. The results she received were devastating for her.She came in and I immediately could tell that something wasn't right. After the workout we had a little talk and something she said to me impressed me so much. She said, "The old Carolyn would have left the Dexascan and got in her car and would have never came back."This made me so proud and touched me more than if she will ever know. While her results weren't where she wanted them I know that she will be successful because she has grown so much mentally since joining The Point. Because she has conquered her mental demons, nothing will stop her now. She has joined us in the CSE challenge and has committed to get her diet in check and I know that when the Dexabody scan comes again she will kill it.Thank you Carolyn for allowing me to share your story.Finally, I get to spotlight one of our Masters athletes!

Larry Pincock in the 2016 Open!

Larry Pincock! I asked him some questions and asked him to tell us a little about himself. Here's Larry!"I have been going to the CrossFit The Point for 2 years. I am a full-time real estate agent with my wife Vickie and my son Justin. Prior to finding CrossFit I lifted at the Golds Gym with a few friends.My favorite accomplishment since I have been going to CrossFit is deadlifting 325lbs. When I started I had some back trouble and it was hard for me to just bend over to lift the bar without weights on it.My advice to the new CrossFitters would be to focus on what you can personally do and not what the others are doing next to you. We are all at different levels and challenges.My favorite movement in CrossFit is pull-ups.My goals for the upcoming year is to keep healthy and be able to make the hour long trek from Genola to CrossFit The Point.Before starting CrossFit I had heard it was a kick butt workout and wanted to try it. I have learned since joining that it is more of a kick butt workout than I ever thought and I have become stronger as it provides a full body workout. So when I first started, it was me, Justin and Bronson, and we had no idea what we were doing. As we went along we have made good friends that have helped us technique and form which has allowed us to become stronger and less likely to injure ourselves.I feel like we have made some lifelong friends along the way. Thanks to Dan for all his help and friendship!"Coaches notes on Larry:Coach Jeffrey Wheeler: "Larry's one of my favorites to coach. He always brings a good attitude listens and has positive energy for the class."Coach Dave Martinez: "I don't always have the pleasure of Coaching Larry, but when I do he always has a smile in his face. Never a negative comment out of his mouth. Always pushing everyone else around him. I can't believe how young he is

😘"Coach Leslie Faragher: "Larry is always improving and trying to do better. He is a great example to everyone. He is pleasure to coach!"Coach Dan Adamson: "Larry has become one of my good friends. He never turns down a challenge and keeps up with the young bucks in his 7:30 class. Larry has moved to Genola but still makes the 1 hour trek to The Point everyday and I am so happy he makes that sacrifice because The Point wouldn't be the same without him there."Coach Dan

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