Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 1.17.2016

November 6, 2020

Good Afternoon CFTP,We had a great time with a few of you last night at the Beast Mode. I love that my members are my closest friends. We definitely missed the rest of you. Hopefully you all can make it out to our next beast mode.RhinoFit BoxCommand SoftwareFirst things first. I am sure you all are sick of hearing about it but there are a few of you still left to sign up with our new software, RhinoFit BoxCommand. From now on, this will be the software we will use, not only for your payments, but also for your WOD record keeping and leaderboards. You all should have received an email explaining how to set up your account. No matter your situation at the gym you need one of these accounts. When you sign up you will have the choice of signing up for the unlimited $125/month membership. I know some of you who have been with me for years may be at a lower price or some of you may be at a higher price with your couple's passes. Don't worry about this. Sign up for this membership and I will adjust it on my end. I need to get these reconciled by tonight if at all possible. Let me know if you have any questions by either emailing me at or Facebook messaging me (Since most of us are friends on there).Lurong Living Resolution ChallengeAnother important thing I would like to mention. We have a few people signed up for the Lurong Living Challenge. This challenge is a great way to keep you honest in the kitchen and in the gym. Please take a look at the challenge and sign up. The more people who sign up the better the results of those signed up. It's always helpful to have a group to do it with. Click here to find out more.We also have what I like to call Christmas for CrossFitters coming up. This event is for everyone! It is called the CrossFit Open. It begins at the end of February and registration is open now. Go here to register and read more about it.What is the CrossFit Open?Five Weeks | Feb. 25 - March 28, 2016 16.1: Feb. 25 - 29 16.2: March 3 - 7 16.3: March 10 - 14 16.4 March 17 - 21 16.5 March 24 - 28Registration for the Open begins Jan. 14, 2016.More than 272,000 people from around the globe competed in the Open last year. As the largest CrossFit community event of the season, the Open ties together athletes from within the same gym to those in their broader city, country and world.For five weeks, you—and the hundreds of thousands of other people who signed up—are at the whim of the Director of the Games Dave Castro, taking on workouts that may push you to learn a new skill, improve the skills you already have or go into a darker place than you’ve ever been before.The Open welcomes anyone 14 to 100 years old. (We’ll take any centenarians, too.) All you need to do is sign up, and enter a score each week. You can complete the workouts at a participating CrossFit affiliate in front of a judge, or film your performance from anywhere you want and submit a link as proof.To make the Open even more accessible, we introduced a scaled option in 2015. Each time a workout is released, athletes will be given two versions: Rx’d and Scaled. The Scaled-workout option is designed to be accessible to the majority of people who attend CrossFit affiliates. If you do CrossFit, there’s a very high chance you can do the Open, too.Workouts are released each week on Thursday at 5 p.m. PT, and athletes have four days or 96 hours to complete the workout and submit their score. Scores are due before 5 p.m. PT that Monday.The fittest athletes will advance to the next stage of the season.So there's a little something from the CrossFit website about the Open. I love the open. It is a chance for all of us to compete and push ourselves to another level. Every year I have people getting their firsts on many movements. We have yet to send anyone to the next stage of the season but I know because of your hard work and dedication we are getting closer every year.For me the Open is a time to reassess my goals and to make new goals. It is a time to challenge my weaknesses and to excel in my strengths. It is a time for me to sweat next to my teammates to try and make my way up the gym leaderboard. It is a time to earn bragging rights. It really is a magical time. We will be completing these WODs every week anyways... Why not get credit and compare yourself to the world?Clothing DonationWe have yet another event this coming weekend. This event is unique. We are going to go and deliver all of the cold weather gear that you donated to the homeless! I am overwhelmed by the amount of clothing we have. We're going to need lots of help to deliver this. I am thinking early afternoon on Saturday. I will create an event on Facebook and be sure to invite you all. We are going to deliver these clothes and head back to the gym for some hot chocolate... Or vice versa... If you have any more coats and things you'd like to donate please bring them in and put them upstairs with the rest of the boxes I moved up there.We are also going to be taking donations to help with the lunches we are making for them. I will leave a box on my desk for you to put donations in. If you are in the position to help out please do.Thank you all for being so loyal and so helpful. There is no way I could have created and maintained such a wonderful atmosphere and workout environment without all the help of you. Seems like every time I am in need of anything I am overwhelmed with helpers who are willing to take time out of their busy schedules to lend a hand and help organize events.Coach Dan

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