Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 1.19.2020

November 6, 2020

Good Afternoon!

What an eventful week and weekend! Here are a couple of highlights from yesterday!

CrossFit The Point/Point Fitness Facebook Members Group
If you have not joined our Facebook group please do! We put out daily announcements there and lots of other things. It's a great place to keep in the know of upcoming events and changes. Here's the link:

High Fitness Animal Print Party
Last night we had a great group of peeps come and party at The Point. It's so fun to have so many different groups who share the same goal of fitness and fun. Can't wait to host more of these in the future! Great job Terra!

Utah Fitness League

As you can see... This was after event 1 and notice in the background... All the other teams were on the floor and our crew was finished and getting their picture taken.
It was so fun hosting Game 2 of the Utah Fitness League. Our crew has been really fun to watch and follow as they take each game on. They have 2 more weeks to go!

Point Fitness Vision
When we moved from our previous location we, as the owners, had two choices. We either could downsize to a smaller location and keep the awesomeness that has been CrossFit The Point for the past 7+ years or we could complete the vision that we had for many years.
Luckily, this space we are in opened up and we decided to take a leap of faith. The transition has been bumpy and creating a whole new side of the gym has been a challenge but having what happened yesterday happen has gotten me really excited.
Our goal was to create a space where people from all kinds of fitness backgrounds could come together under one roof and enjoy getting fit. A place where you can come in and find something that you love to do. Not only do what you love but maybe even discover something new that gets you excited about health and fitness.
Yesterday morning started off with a group of 10+ peeps hitting the High floor followed by another 10+ people enjoying the Myofascial Rolling class. All while on the other side we had CrossFitters throwing up some weights and getting in some fitness of their own. Mashed in between that we had our Olympic Lifters getting their Olympic Lifting programming in prior to an epic competition filled with 64 competitors from more that 8 different gyms.
When that was all done, we finished the night out with the High Fitness party mentioned above with 40+ more people enjoying this space of ours. It was really a fulfillment of the vision we have for this place.

We still have a lot of work to do to bring Point Fitness and CrossFit The Point to our full vision but I am so excited to have all of you along for the ride. You are an important part of this and you spreading the word about our place and participating in all of the things we have to offer, you are helping us create something great.

As always, thank you. We have about 12 days left in January so get your friends in on the $1 deal and let them try the next two weeks out. I'm excited to announce the winners of our referral contest as soon as the month is up.

Coach Dan

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