Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 1.20.2019

November 6, 2020

Good Evening CFTP!My Sunday Spotlight ThoughtsI have been reading through all of your goals and I love them all! Thank you for sharing them with me. If you haven't sent them to me yet, please do. You can send them at any time... It's never too late.I have set a goal of running an extra 10 miles a week during the month of January... Guess what? I have already failed to accomplish this goal both weeks! This happens to a lot of us. We set these awesome goals and then something happens for a week or even two and after we have failed we start to doubt our ability to accomplish our goals going forward. I remember an announcer who was announcing a football game made a very apt observation. He said that the best QBs have a short memory. This really hit home. When a QB goes out and throws an interception, it is very hard to come back out the next series and have the confidence that you are going to be successful. It's hard to shake that previous failed series but if you can put your past failures behind you and realize that tomorrow's another day, you will be successful. We're all going to fall short of some of our goals but that doesn't mean we give up. Look to the past failure as motivation to future success.Now... An important announcement...The Wasatch Championships has officially begun! I have copied and pasted the email below giving details about what it is:WeTime APPAthletes you'll want to film your workouts! We have teamed up with WETIMEAPP to give you custom timers for each workout. You don't have to use that app, but you'll want to make sure that what ever filming device you have is clear and can be uploaded to youtube or vimeo! I'll include a tutorial in another email on uploading to Youtube and how to use the WETIMEAPP!You do not have to film your workout, but if you are in the top 20 of your division you'll be asked to submit a video to prove your score, so you might want to! Best Box AwardRegarding the $3000 gift card for Best Box award, we will be taking random samples of videos from each box to substantiate the reps that were accumulated from the 1st workout! We will then announce the winners of the Best Box Award as soon as the 30th of January, but could take till the Feb. 10th (so please be patient)We Still have Sponsorship Spots available for gym owners, or private businesses to purchase slots for their gyms athletes to ensure a better chance to win the grand prize, and you get a % of profit back from the main event! For more info here is the link: events/1762/vendor/embed/ 37d01c88-d463-4951-abe4- f1cb65a1e75cAthlete Registration Link: Wasatch Championships Schedule 2019January 20th 4:30 PM MST - Week One wods announcedJanuary 20th 5:00PM MST- Facebook Live Athlete Briefing: 27th 6:00 PM MST - Deadline to Submit Scores for Week one workoutsJanuary 27th 6:30 PM MST- Announcement of Week 2 WorkoutsFebruary 03rd 6:00 PM MST- Deadline to Submit Scores for Week 2 workouts Feb. 03rd 6:30PM MST - Announcement of week 3 workouts (Last week)February 10th 6:00 PM MST- Deadline to Submit Scores For week 3 workoutsLet me know if you have any questions! If you have not signed up yet, click on the link below and use this promocode: CFThePoint. This will give you a free entry until they are gone. Use it before it's gone. Once you use the code, contact me so I can charge your account the discounted price of $18 instead of the standard price of $25!As far as how we are going to run this competition. There are two WODs that we will need to get done this week before the 27th. I will be programming these workouts into this week's programming. WOD 19.1 will be programmed as tomorrow's WOD. WOD 19.2A and 19.2B will be Thursday's WOD. So we will be doing these workouts anyways and would love if you all would sign up.Why sign up?The big reason is the quest for the "Best Box Award". This comes with an awesome $3,000 Rogue Gift Card. How we win is we get the most reps on WOD 19.1 as a gym. Get more reps than any other gym and we win! The more we have sign up the better chance we have to win the award!Join us! And let's have fun with this Qualifier! It'll be so much fun to do it as a gym.Coach Dan

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