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November 6, 2020

Good Afternoon CFTP peeps!I am excited to announce the winners of the percentage of fat loss competition! We tested in October and retested last week. The results are in and I am going to announce the top 2 winners of the cash prizes!Female Winners:#1 Michelle TwilleyMichelle lost a staggering 4.2% of body fat! What's so awesome about these results is she lost 5.9 pounds of fat! She did this while gaining 3.8 pounds of muscle! That is an incredible feat. Congratulations Michelle you are the winner of $252!#2 Marianne SharpMarianne lost 1% of body fat and will be rewarded $108!Male Winners#1 Dan AdamsonMe!!! ;). I lost 3.1% while losing 5 pounds of fat and gaining 3 pounds of muscle. I am the winner of $180! But instead of taking this money, I am going to put it back into the upcoming pool! I will explain the upcoming competition in the next paragraph.#2 Eathyn ManumaleunaEathyn lost 2.9% of body fat. Eathyn lost a staggering 10.6 pounds of fat while maintaining his current muscle mass! Eathyn will walk away with $60!Thank you all for participating in this fat percentage loss competition. I had so much fun competing with all of you. Because I had so much fun, I think we should continue the competition through the next quarter. We will do the same buy in as before. ($40) If you got scanned during the last scanning session then you are eligible. If you did not get scanned then you have until the end of this upcoming week to get scanned to be eligible.Go to and either go to their business location or go to one of their mobile locations.If you want to put your hat in the ring you will just need to bring in $40 to the gym. There is already $180 in the pot so this go around the pot will be even sweeter! I will be bringing the dexabody van back in April where we will retest and see who wins the money!What you must do to enter the competition:1- Get tested by dexabody before the end of the week. January 28th.2- Bring in $40 and get on the list at The Point.Congratulations to all the winners and to all those who participated. Now, while I am proud of the results overall, I am disappointed in one thing. At the beginning of this competition we had 15 people enter. Can you guess how many of those 15 retested? 8!This happens all the time with our goals. We set out with good intentions but then about half way through we seem to forget why we started and we quit. I am hoping this time around it will be different. I am super excited to see everyone's results in April especially because of the renewed excitement I see with all of you who are eating healthier. If you are in the Clean Simple Eats challenge I implore you to get tested this week and to join us in this side competition. Even if you aren't in the CSE challenge but you have committed yourself to a healthier lifestyle (which should be all of us), please sign up and put your money where your intentions are.There is something about having some skin in the game. I talked with Marianne and she thought there was no way she would have been a winner with just a 1% change but she was. She won because she entered and she tested and retested. Sometimes the hardest part in winning a competition is showing up and completing the task.Here's the address and phone number for the Utah Dexabody office: 2046 Murray Holladay Road Suite 201, Utah 84117 (801) 274-3392Finally, I get to spotlight an amazing athlete today! Nettie Nielsen!

Here's Nettie!

My Crossfit journey all began with an unexpected phone call from my friend, Violet. "So Nettie, You wanna sign up for Crossfit?" She explains excitedly. "Now is the time! They are doing a really good deal over the summer! You should totally do it!"

Crossfit? I didn't even know what that was! I mean, I heard it was some sort of intense exercise program that was Super Hard! But I didn't really know any details.

At that time of my life, I was feeling rather depressed.... I was waiting to see if circumstances would work out so me and my fiance could get married and move to Missouri. Things were moving rather slowly, and it was looking like things were gonna fall apart with us. And I was afraid to admit it. I wanted a distraction from it. I needed a good time filler. I didn't know what Crossfit was... but I could invest my time in it. And since its exercise... it would at least be a healthy choice instead of drown my sorrows eating chocolate.

"Sure! I'll do it!" I replied. Violet then said a rather encouraging phrase of, "Good! It will kick your butt!"

So a couple days later, I went to sign up for this Crossfit shenanigan. On the way, I was preconceiving in my mind how I thought Crossfit would be. "Probably like the army," I had decided.

When I arrived at the gym, I found a blonde, rather friendly looking guy behind a desk taking people's names and information. And I overheard him say, "Yeah, I own this gym." Which rather shocked me!

"Him? He looks way to nice to be a Crossfit coach!"

I guess I had expected Crossfit coaches to be more Sumo Wrestler type characters with deep, loud voices, stern faces, and missing teeth. But this guy, who called himself "Dan", seemed rather friendly and cool.

He then pointed over to another guy wearing his hat backwards and said, "There"s my friend who helps me out with this gym. Everyone say Hi to Dave." All us newbies turn and say hi to this man, who in return does a courtesy wave back at us strangers.

"Well he seemed nice too.." I thought. "So maybe Crossfit coaches are pleasant, outgoing, and friendly people instead of army sergeants." And that thought was Totally confirmed when a cute, bubbly redhead bounded her way over to me and said "Hi I'm Joann! I am a coach here!"

I'm just gonna stop and say right now... Coaches at the Point are FANTASTIC! I love them all! Their abilities to connect with each of us on our own different levels is remarkable. I love how they are so personable and patient and try to make everyone feel accepted and welcome at the gym. And they each have their own strengths and talents that contribute to making the Point a great place to improve yourself. Thank you coaches!

I started going regularly to Crossfit and soon found myself totally engulfed in it! The past 6 months of coming to the Point have been a great experience. I'm happy all my preconceived notions about it were wrong. I have enjoyed making new friends and getting stronger and feeling healthier. I have loved improving not only my body, but my mind.

Before Crossfit, I had tried lots of different things for exercise... but nothing consistent. My exercise mostly consisted of running on a treadmill in my parents basement. Crossfit is way more fun!

My favorite movement in Crossfit is a Push Jerk. It's by far my favorite movement to get weight over my head. And if the Assault Bike counts as a movement... That's my favorite as well.

My favorite accomplishment during Crossfit would have to be... Learning that it is OKAY to be strong. I have grown up 'in a culture where girls are not encouraged to be strong. Its not their "role." If you are strong, you are taking over the mans duty. And somehow being strong made you less feminine. It's like the more weak you were... the more of a "woman" you were. Because women are suppose to be dainty, delicate flowers who never get their hands dirty or lift anything over 10 pounds.

Where me, I have always been a girl in a man's world. I currently work at a cabinet shop building and assembling cabinets. I have also worked laying flooring, painting, teaching, and helping my dad in his water softener business. I like being a girl, but I also like the construction world of building and creating. I have struggled with the idea of being strong because I thought if I was strong, I would lose the last bit of femininity I had.

I work out with a lot of moms. And I see them want to be strong and they work extra hard to be so. And they have encouraged me so much! And I see them not as females wanting to take over the man role, but be more of the woman they were meant to be!They have shown me that being strong adds to their character. It doesn't subtract from it. What a great thing for me to see! YOU CAN BE A GIRL....AND BE STRONG... AND ITS OKAY! In fact.. it's Awesome!

My advice for new Crossfitters would be this: "Don't let your insecurities stop you from going to the gym." This advice I tell myself almost every day... Especially when I see pull-ups or push-ups scheduled in the WOD. If I'm to be honest, I have had days where my fear of failing or looking stupid have stopped me from going to the gym. I know that my insecurities are a crutch that keep me stuck. I continue to work past my insecurities and sometimes force myself to go to the gym and at least try. I continue to work past my insecurities and work on being the best me I can possibly be. I would encourage everyone to do the same. Don't let your insecurities or negative thoughts about yourself stop you from living your dreams.

My goals for the upcoming year are 1.Do a pull up by Memorial Day. (Thank You Coach Emily!) 2. Find a nutritional plan that works for my crazy lifestyle.... And 3... Freaking learn to master Double Unders!

Now, I didn't plan on renewing my membership at the Point after three months. Yet here I am! Things with my fiance did not work out, but it 's okay. Like Frauline Maria says in the musical The Sound of Music, "Where God closes a door, somewhere He opens a window."

I am excited to see where life takes me next. For now, I am grateful my journey has lead me here. To learn more, improve myself, and continue to grow with so many wonderful people.

May we all continue to help each other and work together to become our highest and best selves!

Much love to you all! Nettie <3

Coaches Spotlight of Nettie:

Coach Dan: Nettie has been incredible to watch. While I don't get the chance to coach the evening classes that she attends too often I am always excited when she is in my class. She always WODs with a smile on her face and her great attitude is contagious. I love having Nettie as part of The Point!

Coach Emily: I love the determination Nettie has to better herself. She always wants to know what she can do to improve certain movements, and she so coachable! I love her work ethic, and I love her excitement and smiles, she always lights up my classes.

Coach LaDee: Nettie is the most energetic and optimistic person ever. She works so hard and is always willing to challenge herself to go out if her comfort zone. So glad she joined CFTP!

Coach Charms: She's enthusiastic about any progress she makes. An extra 5 pounds, another rep or even a cleaner rep. That outlook makes her a lot of fun to coach.

Coach JoAnn: I coached Nettie for foundations, and I don't think I've met anyone who smiles as much as she does before and after a WOD! She is so consistent and keeps getting stronger. I love the chances I get to workout with her!Coach Dave: Her smile gets bigger and bigger the harder and more challenging the workout gets. She has such an addictive personality...she can also kill the run.

Thank you all for being such amazing members of the CFTP Family. I can't wait to get to know each and everyone of you more with these spotlights.

Coach Dan

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