Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 1.24.2016

November 6, 2020

Good Afternoon CFTP,


Little Oakley helping with the sack lunches yesterday.

Yesterday was awesome. I love working with such giving people. I want to say thank you once again for all the help we received. We collected 12+ bags of clothes and handed out a ton of lunches with money that you all donated. They were very appreciative and it was a good experience for all to remember just how blessed we are to have what we have.

Fundraisers and service projects like this are some of my favorite things about the CFTP community. While I love seeing you all get PRs and improve your performance in the gym, I also love to be able to give back and have the group of people like the CFTP family to do it with. If you ever find a service project or a cause that you feel you'd like to get involved with please let me know. That is what our community is all about. Helping organizations or individuals better their situation. So, if you do have a cause that you'd like to tackle don't hesitate to shoot me an email at or contact me via other means. I would love to lend a hand and I know that our box would come to your aid in accomplishing the task as well.

This next section I would like to talk about the importance of record keeping. I am excited to have a new software that is going to allow us to track our progress on a daily basis. Through the app that this software has I plan to repeat WODs from time to time throughout the year to see just how much you are each improving. The only way I will be able to track that is if you are entering your scores in daily. Here is a little tutorial to how to enter your daily WOD scores.

Step 1:Download the Box Command App. The app icon will look like this.


Once you have installed this app I will need for you all to click into the app and sign in. Once you have signed in once it should automatically sign you in upon opening the app.


After that an announcement page will pop up with today's date populated on the bottom. Click on the date shown.


The next page will be today's WOD. There is an enter score icon. Click there to enter your score.


Once you enter your score, your score will appear on the leaderboard represented by the 1,2,3 icon on the top. Click there and you will be able to see how you compared to your peers.


A little side note. You can see how Eric Wright entered in comments about the WOD. This is a great way to gauge how you felt and perhaps remind yourself next time you do it about different strategies or what you struggled with most.

If you click on the right side you will have a menu appear with lots of different choices.


I am most excited about this feature. Take the time and explore this app. You can see here that you are able to track every PR imaginable. I would love for all of you to transfer all of your PRs into this app so it is all in one place. You simply do this by clicking the tracking icon shown above.

Another thing that will be fun and beneficial is the chat icon. Here you are able to talk about the WOD or whatever else you'd like to chat about. Everyone will be able to view it in the gym.

The "My Next Goal" tab is amazing in a couple of ways. Not only will it be there for you but it will also be visible to me as a coach. It helps me know what your personal goals are.

The "Injuries" tab is invaluable! This will be visible to the coaches. This will help myself and my coaching team modify for you when you come into the gym. While in a perfect world nobody would get injured and we would always be 100 percent all the time but that's just impossible. When you have aches and pains or legitimate doctor's prescribed injuries, we need to know about this in order to serve you better as coaches. Please fill this out and keep it updated.

I am fully aware that this app is not the most user friendly app on the market. Many of you have gotten used to the simplicity of SugarWOD. While not as pretty this will be much more valuable to me and to you as athletes. So please give it a chance. This app will transform and with my suggestions to the makers I hope in the not so distant future it will not only be functional but also a bit more user friendly.

I look forward to watching and tracking all of your progress. While I know you are improving, because I see it personally everyday, this app will help solidify what we are doing well and what we need to improve upon. Not this coming week but in the first 2 weeks of February we will be redoing a few of our 1-rep maxes. I can't wait to see your maxes go up and the best way for me to see that is through you entering your scores.

Thanks again for taking your fitness as seriously as I take your fitness. I love seeing you all improve and I can't wait for what the future will bring for all of you as we go forth.

Coach Dan

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