Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 1.28.2018

November 6, 2020

Good Afternoon CFTP,Lebron James, Stockton and Malone, Usain Bolt, Serena Williams, Tiger Woods, Hope Solo, Messi, Ronaldo, Michael Jordan, and the list goes on... What do all of these athletes have in common? Besides being the best of the best, they all have a coach. They all receive guidance from a coach who is in charge of bringing out the best in them.Even the greatest athletes need coaching. Even coaches need coaching. I love what Cami says below in her spotlight about the importance of having a coach to push and to critique you. For years she took a backseat to her being an athlete in order to help her athletes perform. Since joining The Point she has taken on the role of an athlete and even though she has had years of coaching experience she was still able to take advice from the coaches at The Point and I have seen huge growth in her as an athlete.Recently I personally have experienced the touch of a coach. I decided it was time for me to get my eating on track if I were going to continue to progress. So I hired a macro coach to help teach me and to help keep me accountable. The past 4 weeks have been very eye opening for me but it took me admitting that I needed the guidance. It took me realizing that even though I know a lot about certain things, there are people out there who can teach me a lot.At The Point, our goal is to coach you and to motivate you. Our goal is to teach you proper technique and to help you achieve the goals that you have set for yourself. Our training team is constantly learning new things in order to better serve you as athletes.Yesterday we held our first skills workshop of 2018 and it was a huge success. I got called away for some other business but I have since talked to Emily, Dave and LaDee and they told me how much those who attended progressed. I saw videos of people, with a little boost from Dave, get up on the rings for the first time. A huge step to achieving the muscle up. I heard people setting new double under records. Working on these things under the watchful eye of coaches is the key to success for us as athletes. We can't coach ourselves. No matter how hard we try, it is impossible to properly watch ourselves move while focussing on moving correctly.I hope you all will constantly be striving to learn from our coaching team. I hope you all will seek out knowledge from our trainers who have experience and who have trained people for many hours. The knowledge and cues received from coaches is paramount in any athletes success.Coach Dan

1. How long have you been at The Point?I started at The Point July 7th 2017!2. What do you do for a living?I manage and run our very busy and successful Trucking Company. I have 6 kids and I am going to school full time at UVU to obtain my Masters in Social Work.3. Prior to finding CrossFit what did you do for physical exercise?I come from a Competitive Gymnastics and A High School Track and Field background. Prior to finding Crossfit in January 2010 I taught Spin Classes and Bootcamp type classes at a Rec Center in St George Utah. I have done fitness competitions in both Physique and Bikini.4. If you had to pick your favorite accomplishment during your CrossFit journey so far, what would it be?My favorite accomplishment during my Crossfit Journey has got to be when I bought into my first Crossfit Gym. I got the opportunity to Co Own, and build a Crossfit Gym in St George Utah. I learned and experienced what it felt like to Own, Teach, Inspire and grow something that meant more than anything to me.5. What is one piece of advice you could give new CrossFitters that you wish you knew before you began?One piece of advice I would want to give a new Crossfitter is YOU ARE FIT ENOUGH to Crossfit, YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH to Crossfit and YOU CAN. In Being a coach and a gym owner you hear a lot of the insecurities and you see a lot of the overwhelmed in new clients. I feel like it’s very important for new Crossfitters to focus on the Why that brought them to the sport, to make individual goals and then get to work to accomplish them. Look at the amazing athletes and allow them to inspire you not overwhelm you. Make a choice to work hard and know that weather you think you can or you think you can’t .. your right.6. What is your favorite movement in CrossFit?My favorite movement in Crossfit? Awe so many I love gymnastics so Pull-ups, T2B Muscle ups and Handstand push-ups! I also love to Box Jump and to Row!!7. What is your favorite all time WOD you have done?My favorite WOD is Crossfit Games Open workout 17.4

AMRAP 13 Min

55 deadlifts,55 wall-ball shots,55-calorie row55 handstand push-ups

Loved this one!!

8. What are your goals for the upcoming year?My goals for this upcoming year is to do well in the Masters Division of the Open. I am also committed to work on my weaknesses and turn them in to strengths. Everyone who knows me as an athlete knows that there is a definite weakness in my Squatting. I am committed to care enough about the weakness to work on it. :)9. Before starting CrossFit what was your view of CrossFit? How has that changed since joining?I started Crossfit so long ago! 2010 back when it was not really even heard of. There wasn’t a lot of controversy or bad mouthing of it. I just remember watching a YouTube video of Miranda Oldroyd and I thought to myself “I want to be her” I thought she was the most amazing person I had ever seen. I still think she is incredibly inspiring.10. Give me a brief summary of your CrossFit journey thus far.Quickly after joining a tiny Crossfit Gym back in 2010 I wanted to compete, I wanted to get better, I wanted to be able to do what these amazing athletes could do. I did my first competition in 2011 and then was competing almost monthly. I got pretty good in 2012 2013 I remember competing at Fitness Elevated against Tiffany Hendrickson and Michaela North and I placed 1 spot away from the final.

In 2012 I bought into the Crossfit gym and my focus changed. I started focusing on coaching, training, teaching and learning all about Crossfit. I was pushing, motivating and inspiring my members.

I have learned so much in the 6 months of being at The Point about what kind of an athlete I am and what I can do to improve. There is a huge difference in being a coach and being coached. I have never been coached until I came here.

I have said this before and I am a big believer that Part of being a great Crossfit athlete not only requires great physical strength, Endurance and gymnastic ability but it also requires Mastery of the Mental Game. Set goals, Dream as big as you can and then get to work to accomplish them!

I really do love this gym and the great things it has done for me as an athlete and the amazing perspective it has brought to my mind.

Coaches thoughts:Coach Dan: I have loved watching Cami grow as an athlete at The Point. I love that she comes in with so much knowledge but is so willing to take advice from the coaches. She truly strives to be better and to overcome her weaknesses.

Coach Leslie: "Cami is fantastic! I love coaching her and working out next to her. She’s had an injury lately but hasn’t let it get her down, she’s always pushing herself to be the best she can be! I’m so thrilled she joined us at The Point!"Coach Emily: "I don’t think I’ve ever coached Cami, but I get to workout with her! She has amazing drive to push herself and do better. I’m so glad she decided to make CFTP her new CrossFit home."Coach Dave: "Cami one heck of an athletes. Never complains, and very coachable. She just puts her mind where it needs to be and works."

Coach LaDee: "Cami’s ability to look at herself and know what she needs to do to improve is not easy to do, but she’s learned to do it well. She has learned humbleness and that has helped her to become a better athlete. Love her drive to get better! Happy she joined us at The Point!"

Coach Mandy: "I've had the pleasure to do a couple competitions with her and she is an awesome partner!! Always works hard and never gives up! She is very determined in all aspects of her life and a great example to many!"

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