Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 1.3.2016

November 6, 2020

Good morning CFTP!It's 2016! Every year a new year brings new beginnings. I know it's a big joke about people packing the gyms at the first of the year to "make good on their goals" but this extra motivation is a great opportunity for us as the CFTP family to introduce a better way of life to our friends and family. Signing up for a $10/month gym will rarely lead to much more than another $10/month bill that is seldom taken advantage of. These gyms that offer those deals cannot afford for people to use them. They would be overrun with people if everyone actually used their membership. We, at The Point, want our members to come in and benefit from the membership. I want everyone to see results and achieve their goals.Everyone is looking to better themselves but goals like, "I want to be in better shape." are not measurable at all. So I believe it is not only my job but all of our jobs to point them in the right direction to accomplish their goals. Everyone needs a place that pushes them and motivates them. Invite them to come into The Point and to give it a try. Have them set a goal to come into The Point with you 4 times a week. That is the kind of goal that is measurable and you will see results. That is the type of goal that will get them moving and it will help motivate you as well.This is going to be the best deal they'll ever see for CrossFit. $40 for the first month that includes 2 foundational classes?! That's unheard of. Get them to take advantage of this. I am running this deal until the 15th of January. Post this on your timelines. Let people know that there are other choices out there other than the $400 personal trainer or the $10/month wander around the gym memberships. Get them in while they are still motivated. We all need that extra push sometimes and this is your chance to be the one that influences them to be better and healthier.Have them send me an email at and we will take care of them. Maybe it will take you attending the foundations classes with them...and that's great. It will be good for you to get a little refresher on the basic foundational movements in CrossFit.Nothing has motivated me more over the past two weeks than having my brother and my nephew coming in at noon to work out with me. It has kept me more consistent and has pushed me harder.I am super excited for 2016. I am excited to see all of your improvements and to measure them as well. Within the next two weeks we will be adding a software that will have WOD tracking integrated into your account. This will make it so every time you walk into the gym you will sign in and before you leave you will enter your score either on your phone or on your way out the door. This will put you up on the big screen leaderboard as well. With this new software I will be able to track your progress throughout your time at The Point. You will be able to set goals that not only remind you but also let us as coaches see what each and every one of your goals are and it will help our programming to get you to accomplish those goals.There are big schedule changes starting tomorrow. Here they are:Morning classes will stay the same with one change... There will no longer be an 8:30 AM Babysitter for the time being. You are still welcome to bring your children but there will not be a dedicated babysitter at that time until we see more demand for it. If I start to see a need then I will for sure set it back up.Evening classes are changing up quite drastically:Monday through ThursdayRegular CrossFit Classes4:45, 5:45, 6:45Specialty ClassesMonday 7:45-8:45 PM – Competitors ClassTuesday 7:45-8:45 PM – Powerlifting ClassWednesday 7:45-8:45 PM – Olympic Lifting Class ($10/month)Thursday 7:45-8:45 PM – Skills ClassThe above Specialty classes are open to everyone. I'll explain a little bit about each of them below.Competitors class - In this class we will be doing movements and weights that you would normally see as the comp weight or movement in our every day workouts. While this will be more advanced and challenging this does not mean you need to be "the best" in the gym to attend. This is for anyone looking for that extra push or looking to learn more technical movements and looking to move heavier loads. This class will also be treated like open gym. Meaning that anyone can come in and work on other movements or even come in and just do the WOD for that day.Powerlifting Class - This class is run by Coach Jeremy Clifford (aka Coach Charms). In this class Coach Charms focusses on a movement and provides cues and coaching to help you improve in that movement. It is a great way to get better at the powerlifting movements and we have seen amazing results in those who have religiously attended. The powerlifting movements you can expect to see in this class are the Bench Press, Back Squat, and Deadlift. This class will also be treated like open gym. Meaning that anyone can come in and work on other movements or even come in and just do the WOD for that day.Olympic Lifting Class - This class is an additional $10/month to attend. I recommend this class to everyone. You will become a better CrossFitter by attending this class. This class is run by the one and only Coach Jenny Schumacher. She owns her own Olympic Lifting gym and she has become one of the highest regarded Olympic Lifting trainers in the state of Utah. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of learning these lifts as a CrossFitter. It will make you a more efficient athlete and a safer lifter. This is the only 7:45 class where you will not be allowed to do the WOD of the day.Skills Class - In this class we will be focussing on different CrossFit movements (usually gymnastic movements). We will use the whole hour to teach you how to better understand and better accomplish a specific movement. You will also be able to use this time to work on anything else you have been struggling with and we will be there to coach you. This class will also be treated like open gym. Meaning that anyone can come in and work on other movements or even come in and just do the WOD for that day.We are hoping with this schedule change and by putting these specialty classes later in the night that more people can take advantage of them. Our goal is to help you move better and to provide a better standard of life for you. I hope that we can do everything in our power to help you accomplish your personal goals for 2016. Please don't hesitate to email, Facebook message, or text me with any questions you may have or any personal goals you'd like to conquer. I am here for you.Coach Dan

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