Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 1.31.2016

November 6, 2020

Good Afternoon CFTP,Seems like every week you all have done something to yet again help those around you. Yesterday's memorial WOD for little Ms. Brighton Tenney was so great. To be able to show support for a family that most of you have never met shows the depth of your greatness. It was so great to have such a huge response to the request for support. While it seems like a small thing that you did by participating in her memorial WOD I know that it touched the Tenney's immensely. Thank you once again for stepping up and being perfect examples of how a CrossFit family rallies around those who are struggling.This is a big week. This week we get to put our hard work to the test. While in CrossFit we are constantly testing ourselves, this week we get to test ourselves on our one rep maxes for a variety of movements. You can plan on maxing out on your back squat tomorrow, strict press Tuesday, deadlift Friday, and Front Squat next Monday. We have been in the Wendler Program for 8 weeks now and I can't wait to see your progress.In preparation for these days be sure to get plenty of rest. Be sure to drink lots of water and pay particular attention to your diets. Be sure to come in early and get warmed up properly prior to attempting these new maxes.While maxing out be sure to ease into the lifts. Slowly warm up at lighter weights before jumping up to new maxes. Treat your warmups just as you would treat your max attempts.Be sure to warm up but don't wear out. What I mean by this is watch out not to do too many reps and sets prior to hitting your big weights. I would start out at a lighter weight hitting a couple of sets of 3 to 5 at 40 to 50 percent of your previous max. Then as you increase your percentages I would look at lowering your reps to 3... As you get within 80% of your previous max you should be getting into singles. This is a general outline but it is important to warm up without wearing out.When maxing sometimes I notice individuals rushing through the sets. They hit a single and then within a minute or so I see them under the bar again hitting another single, going for a max. TAKE PROPER REST BETWEEN SETS. I am providing you enough time to reach your maxes. While I am not giving you all day, if you show up on time or early you should have no trouble reaching your max in time.When you are attempting your new max stay focussed. There is no reason you should be carrying on a conversation while that bar is on your back. This is for all you buddies and spotters out there as well. Don't distract the athlete as they are lifting. Cheer, cue, encourage but don't distract or make them lose their focus. This can be very dangerous and can also make the athlete miss a possible PR.Finally, when you PR, because you all are going to PR! :) then be sure to record your score. The Box Command app will be set up so when you enter your score for the day it will log your new max into the system and save it. (If you have not downloaded the box command app do it now... Don't read on until you download the app) This is very important. Without tracking there is no way to know your progress. There is also no way for me as a coach and programmer to know where I need to focus on. It gives us a chance as athlete and coach to check your progress and make plans for the future.Max week is my favorite week. When you are going for a new PR be sure to holler at me or the coach on hand because I want to document your successes.Just think about what PR really means... Personal Record. This means, never in your life have you ever done what you just did. How often in life can we say, "I did something new today."? That is what you are doing. You are accomplishing something that your body and your mind has never done. That is pretty darn awesome!Good luck this week! I will see you all tomorrow for your back squat max! Can't wait!Coach Dan

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