Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 1.4.2015

November 6, 2020

Cold War Competition CFTP Competitors

Sorry we didn't get the full group in for the picture.

Good Afternoon CFTP,Another week down and another amazing week for our athletes. Just got home last night after a successful Cold War Competition. We had 6 teams that participated... 3 guys teams and 3 girls teams. It was, as always, a blast competing along side my favorite people. Everyone who participated did an amazing job and supported one another WOD after WOD. I love being able to compete along side people who are so positive and bring out the best in me.Speaking of competitions... In one week we will begin our CFTP "Lockdown" competition. This is an in house competition and will have two divisions; Rx and Scaled. You and a partner of the same sex will compete for the fittest in the gym over the span of 5 weeks, ending with a beast mode to decide the winner! I will be collecting money from all those who want to participate. It is $30 per team. If you want to participate but don't yet have a partner please let me know and I will team you up with someone that will be a good team member for you. This is meant to be a fun competition to get everyone into the competition spirit prior to the CrossFit Open at the end of February. This is the time of year to decide to try new things and to push yourself. Let this be the first of many firsts for you. Sign up and let's get this party started!I can't wait for this new year to see just how far you all can go. This coming year I hope that all of you will look to do something new. Try something you never thought you would. Run a race or join a competition that may have scared you before. Get outside your bubble and do something great. I want to challenge you all to try a new sport. Go out and enjoy the fitness you have earned and continue to earn in the gym. Take up cycling, or skiing, or snowboarding, or snowshoeing, or basket weaving, or gymnastics, or anything you have always saw and thought that looks fun but never pursued for whatever reason. I love seeing you all enjoying your life and enjoying being fit. There is no good reason to wait. Now is the time to do what we have always wanted to do.Don't forget to get with me this week in the gym and get your teams setup for the CFTP LOCKDOWN!Coach Dan

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