Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 1.6.2019

November 6, 2020

Good Morning CFTP,Send Me Your GoalsI hope your first week of 2019 was awesome! I love seeing all the motivation going around and to see so many of you recommitting to your goals and setting new goals. I really hope you all have written some of your goals down. If you haven't or even if you have, respond to the weekly email that I send out with this spotlight and share them with me. I would love to hear all of your goals. As I receive your goals I can better serve you with the proper programming for you to accomplish your goals. If you have goals for a certain amount of gym visits a week, I can help keep you on track there too. If you have goals for certain weights lifted, movements conquered, races attended, or any number of things, let me know. I want to write these down and remind you throughout the month and year and help you accomplish these goals. I will write these down and hang them up where I can see them so I can be that helping hand to help you accomplish your goals. It'll just be between you and me so share as much as you would like.Free Buddy WeekIn an effort to help you bring your friends in during this "Bring a Buddy" month, we are giving your friends a free week! Bring them in all this week to try CrossFit out. Remember, by bringing friends in this month, you can earn money off your membership and for the member who brings in the most referrals, you get free shoes! Working out is always more fun when more and more friends do it with us. Change your friend's lives and help them achieve their goals by inviting them to The Point.Foundations ClassesOur January Foundations Classes will run this week Monday through Thursday at 5:45 PM. Talk with your new to CrossFit friends today and get them to start their CrossFit journey this week with these classes. If you are interested in a refresher course of the movements, you are welcome to come at 5:45 PM to attend this class as well. For everyone else who attends 5:45, it'll be open gym time this week.Bootcamp ClassesA new 6-week bootcamp class begins this week as well! It'll run Monday and Wednesday at 10:30 AM and is free to members. It is only $59.99 for non CrossFit members to join! If you have friends on the fence about CrossFit but they are looking to change things up, this will be perfect for them! Share this with your friends! If you bring friends into this course, I will knock $10 off your February dues per member you bring in!2019 Quarter 1 DexaBody ChallengeIt has begun! If you did not get your scan done when Dexabody came to The Point Thursday, you have until Wednesday this week to get it done in order to be eligible for the Quarter 1 challenge.This may be the biggest pot we have ever had... So sign up for your chance to win big money. Remember, it's $40 to enter and the males and females with the biggest percentage of fat loss wins the pot! If you want to be part of this challenge and have got your scan done, email me or message me so I can get you added to the challenge list.Final ThoughtsI want to thank you all for being part of the CFTP family. Your hard work and example motivates me to be fitter and even better, motivates me to be a better person. Let's make an effort to help all of the new people who decide to get over their fears and join us this year. Make them feel welcome. Chat with them when they come into the doors and help them. Be patient with them as they ask questions. Be courteous as the trainers explain the workout. Just because you know all the movements and how the workout is going to run, doesn't mean everyone does. Let the trainer train. Be part of the class and when the trainer is speaking, please be courteous and don't talk over them.Put yourself into the new person's shoes and be the reason that person stays and be the reason why people keep coming back.Coach Dan

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