Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 1.8.2017

November 6, 2020

Good Morning CFTP,How has your first week of 2017 been?! Goals still on track? I hope so! New week, new you! I love Sundays because it gives me a chance to set my weekly goals. For me, goals as simple as running an extra 5 miles this week or goals such as getting an extra set of squats in every day this week keeps me honest and keeps me on my toes. Set little goals each week and by setting those little goals your big goals will be accomplished.The beginning of the year isn't only a time to renew your physical fitness goals but it should also be a time that you reevaluate your nutritional goals. We are so lucky to have access to the beautiful mind behind Clean Simple Eats! Erika Peterson is the creator of Clean Simple Eats and the recipes she comes up with are amazing. She has over 57,000 followers on Instagram and each one of those followers would kill to have the kind of access we all have at The Point. If you haven't joined her challenge yet, you really should. She has a discount code good through midnight tonight. Go to and use discount code: winter to get your discount. We also have created a group chat where you can personally ask JJ and Erika anything you want! Let us know if you want to be part of that group. It is an exclusive group for members of The Point!

What is the Clean Simple Eats (CSE) challenge all about? It is a 40 day meal plan. It has meals for the entire 40 days. These meals are healthy and are engineered to feed your body. Whether you are looking to lose some fat or gain some muscle she has a choice that will fit your goals. Another thing Emily and I love about this meal plan is that one of the biggest reasons we fail to eat healthy is we run out of ideas on what to eat. I look at this meal plan like food CrossFit. What I mean by that is, just like when you come into The Point each day; you don't have to think about what you are going to do for the workout that day. I have planned it out for you. You don't have to waste time and energy researching and looking for a WOD to do. You come in and you get your workout in and you leave the programming to me.Same goes for the CSE challenge. When you buy her recipe book, you don't have to think. When you go shopping, she has it laid out in her book exactly what you need for the week. You just follow her book and you have food for the entire week.Another thing I love about this is that it educates you on what you should and shouldn't be eating. By following this meal plan you become better educated on what is good for your body so when the challenge is over you are able to make the right choices. We all want to eat healthy but sometimes we just don't know where to start. This challenge is a perfect way to start and with so many people doing it at The Point it will help us all stay consistent and do it for more than a week or two.Every one of you work tirelessly in the gym. You push yourselves beyond what you think is possible sometimes. Now it's time to challenge yourselves in the kitchen. It may be outside your comfort zone but isn't that what makes life exciting? How boring is life if all we do is stay comfortable? How are we suppose to grow and progress if we only do what we are comfortable with? I believe this life is meant to be challenging. I believe that the only way to be better is to challenge yourself. Changing habits is not easy. Breaking bad habits is even harder. If you are unsatisfied with where you are then doing the same thing you have done in the past won't help. In order to change the direction of your life, you must do something different.Back in 1972 a talk was given by a very wise man. He drew upon his personal experience to create an analogy. He later become the President of the Mormon church. Gordon B. Hinckley has always been an inspiration in my life. Whatever your religion may be, this story can be of help to you."...The course of our lives is not determined by great, awesome decisions. Our direction is set by the little day-to-day choices which chart the track on which we run.

Many years ago I worked in the head office of one of our railroads. One day I received a telephone call from my counterpart in Newark, New Jersey, who said that a passenger train had arrived without its baggage car. The patrons were angry.

We discovered that the train had been properly made up in Oakland, California, and properly delivered to St. Louis, from which station it was to be carried to its destination on the east coast. But in the St. Louis yards, a thoughtless switchman had moved a piece of steel just three inches.

That piece of steel was a switch point, and the car that should have been in Newark, New Jersey, was in New Orleans, Louisiana, thirteen hundred miles away."

I have seen this with many people I have met over the years. Making that one decision to walk into The Point or that one decision to quit coming to The Point has changed their lives. It set them on the path of health and wellness or down the path of slothfulness and unhealthy habits.

Make the little decision now to eat a carrot rather than eating a donut. Make the decision now to join the CSE challenge and join your fellow CFTP family members as we strive to make the little decisions that make the biggest difference to our health and wellness. Make the decision now to come into The Point at least 3 days this week.

I want to finish my Spotlight off today by spotlighting one of our members. (Well, now former members)

Colby Hansen surrounded by his CFTP peeps on his last day.


I asked Colby the following questions. Here were his responses:

. How long have you been at The Point?Two years.2. What do you do for a living?Quality engineering director at IM Flash in Lehi. I am transferring to Micron Technologies in Boise, Idaho to be closer to family.3. Prior to finding CrossFit what did you do for physical exercise?I was pretty sedentary after college and didn't do much physical exercise. After making the decision to lose weight and get in shape I tried programs like P90X and insanity. I like them initially but got bored over time. I took up running for the first time in my life and started entering 5K's, 10K's, and Ragnar relays, but I wasn't getting stronger so I decided to start CrossFit.4. If you had to pick your favorite accomplishment during your CrossFit journey so far, what would it be?Breaking 300 pounds on dead lifts (315 is my PR).5. What is one piece of advice you could give CrossFitters that you wish you knew before you began?Have someone take your picture or video you when you're struggling with a movement. I only recently tried this and it was pretty cool to see what others were seeing when coaching me. My other piece of advice is don't avoid the movements that you're bad at or struggle with. The more you do them in the more you work on them the easier they get and the more progress you make. For me it's the overhead squat and snatch balance. There's days when I don't want to do these movements, but I tackle them anyway.6. What is your favorite movement in CrossFit?Dead lift. I'm amazed at how much weight I can lift. And rope climbs. I don't know why, but I think they're fun! We definitely don't do enough rope climbs.7. What is your favorite all time WOD you have done?Probably a tossup between filthy 50 and fight gone bad. I love the variety of movements in these workouts, and it almost seems like chaos at times but it's fun. What I like about fight gone bad is just when I think I'm going to die and I can't possibly do one more rep, it's time to move to the next station.8. What are your goals for the upcoming year?Master double unders and bar muscle ups. I also want to challenge myself to take fewer and fewer breaks during WODs and push through to the end. Lastly, I want to enter in on another competition this year. Are usually don't do these, but felt a lot of accomplishment and really enjoyed the last one I did.9. Before starting CrossFit what was your view of CrossFit? How has that changed since joining?I thought it was extreme. I thought a lot of the movements looked pretty crazy and I didn't understand any of the acronyms. I thought everyone was competing against each other. I was very intimidated and nervous on my first day. My view has definitely changed. I was welcomed immediately on that first day and I met some great friends. Everyone at the point is very supportive and challenges me every day. It's like a family now. The movements are all very normal now but the workouts are never easy.10. Give me a brief summary of your CrossFit journey thus far.I love CrossFit! I've never stuck with any fitness program as long as I have with CrossFit. Every day is different and I always have something to work on and get better at. It's fun to look back at the early days and think about all of the movements I couldn't do that now or no problem for me. I'm hitting PR's that blew me away two years ago, and my form is about 1 million times better.

Coach LaDee's Thoughts on Colby:"Colby is one of those guys that is quiet but every time you give him feedback on his form he tries his hardest to make the correction. He's the emblem of dedication to CrossFit in a silent but present way! He promised me that his goal is to get his double unders by the end of the year and send me a video of it!"

Coach Dan's thoughts on Colby:"2 Years of progress. He is the epitome of consistency. Every day he came in and started his wamup. Never once did I need to remind him to stay on task. So happy he joined us at The Point while he was in Utah."

Coach Dan

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