Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 10.11.2020

November 6, 2020

Good morning!

What are you waiting for?

Saturday morning was so dope! We had our free burn, high fitness, rolling event. We had a great showing and for the first time I attended HIGH FITNESS! I want to tell you a little bit about my experience.
First off, I was super nervous. My High peeps always ask me when I am going to attend one of their classes and my response is always, never. LOL. But I did it and guess what, it won't be my last time jumping in on this great workout.
For me, I have some high school dance experiences that, without going into too much detail, ruined my confidence on the dance floor. This experience was so different than that of my 17 year old traumatizing experience.
I made sure I was in the back, of course, and as the music started I tried my best to stay up with our awesome instructors. The first part of every song was awkward but by the end of each song I was able to stay up for the most part and just like in CrossFit, nobody cared what I was doing. They were all there to get a workout, just like me.
The only people who cared were our instructors who made it easy to follow and brought the energy. We have an amazing High instructing crew. We are lucky to have them. My class was only 30 minutes but it was a great workout and it was a great change up on my fitness. Everyone really should give it a try. With 6 days a week, you should try and make it to one this week. Monday and Wednesday at 7:30 PM, Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30 AM, Friday at 6 AM, and Saturday at 7:45 AM.

After High Fitness, I stuck around for rolling. I haven't attended for quite a few months now but it's something that I will be making room for in my schedule. We currently only have 1 time we do it every week at 9 AM on Saturdays but I do plan to add it at least one more time throughout the week.
Myofascial rolling is a must for any athlete who truly wants to expedite their recovery and increase their mobility.

Burn was the first free workout this past Saturday and I love burn! Our instructors, Jamie and Shauna, are amazing and really know their stuff. We have added a new class and changed the format of the early morning classes to help people get in, get out and still get an amazing workout in. The Burn schedule for the week is Monday through Thursday 5:40 and 6:10 AM and Monday and Wednesday at 9:30 AM.
Burn is similar to what you would see at a bootcamp style gym and is different every single day and you will not only be challenged but our coaches also make it very accessible to everyone who comes in.

Upgraded Unlimited CrossFit Members
Just in case you missed the announcement and emails last week, if you currently have an Unlimited CrossFit Membership, you now are able to attend High Fitness, Burn and Rolling at NO EXTRA CHARGE! I have upgraded each and every one of your memberships. Not only that, you also receive raffle tickets for weekly drawings and if you bring a friend you receive 2 raffle tickets and your visiting friend receives an entry into our monthly drawing which will include some free membership type prizes.
I am so excited for all the current CrossFitters. Getting full access to these classes will be a game changer to your fitness.

2020 Fall Lockdown
Finally, the lockdown has officially begun! Many of you have already taken on the week 1 workout and blew my anticipated times. If you still don't have a partner but want to participate, you still can! I have a few people looking for partners so if you want in, please hit me up!
I know of at least 1 person in Male Tier 2, Female Tier 3, Female Tier 2/3... So please hit me up asap and let's get you into the fun.

Coach Dan

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