Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 10.12.2014

November 6, 2020

Good Afternoon CFTP,Happy Sunday! First of all I want to thank all of you for coming out and supporting Coach Michelle and I at the Autumn Classic. It's been so long since I have competed in a CrossFit competition that I had forgotten just how much fun it was. It's amazing how big of a difference it makes to have people there rooting you on. I felt happy to know I was representing such amazing people at The Point.A couple of announcements before I move onto what I wanted to talk about today. This is the week! The week of WODsomniac. You have all prepared yourselves mentally and physically and this weekend is our time to show what hard work and dedication can do. I am so excited to be there as a CFTP team. We all may be on different 4 person teams but when The Point competes we all compete together! To help us prepare for this competition I want to meet with everyone that is on a team. We will be meeting at THE BOX ON WEDNESDAY NIGHT AT 8:30 PM! At this meeting we will be talking about what food to prepare for the event, what equipment and items to bring, also we will meet with our individual teams and talk strategy about the WODs that have been announced thus far. It is very important that every team member makes it to this meeting.If you are not doing WODsomniac it would mean the world to our competitors to have you out in Day Break cheering us on at some point during the competition. We're going to need that "Fifth man" to help us through some of these grueling workouts. It runs for 24 hours so any time you can make it that would be great. You can also sign up to volunteer if you are so inclined. Josef is still looking for volunteers.As many of you know and also witness I am a huge advocate of competing. I think it brings out the best in us as athletes and also as people. With that being said I want to talk about something I heard Berto Marin talk about today when he was on the Radio with "Two smart dumbells" (a radio station in California). Berto was with us here in Utah for a while and he was a great trainer and a good friend. He mentioned one thing that really hit home for me. He said that a lot of times we get caught up in the competition factor of CrossFit and we miss the true purpose of why CrossFit came to be. CrossFit was developed to get people moving and to get people moving efficiently. He shared the story of his mom and how she just started CrossFit and said, "but I don't want to lift all the weight I see you lift!" And of course she won't and she shouldn't be. Berto responded and said, "Mom I just want you to go to the gym and move." That's the key.That's what I love about CrossFit is that it is for the 20 year old athlete aspiring to go to the games and it is also for the 60 year old lady looking to move more efficiently and to keep from feeling old. While I also want to push you and I believe competing accomplishes this task of pushing you; the most important thing I want to see is for you to become more and more healthy. I want to see you become stronger. I want you to be able to play with your kids and keep up with your kids. I want you to be able to do everyday tasks without it being a task. My goal and the goal of all of us trainers at CFTP is to see you happy and healthy.So keep up the hard work and spread the word to your less active family and friends. Let them know that they don't have to be superman or superwoman to join us and to get moving. Give them the opportunity to change their lives just as you have.This week is going to be epic. I am so happy to have 8 teams going to WODsomniac. I can't wait to spend the 24 hours pushing and working beside you.I recommend all WODsomniac competitors to WOD Monday and Tuesday as normal and take Wednesday as an active recovery day by going out for a run or a swim or a hike or coming in to row prior to the 8:30 PM meeting. Take Thursday off and get plenty of water and sleep Thursday night.Preparation is key. Let me know if you have any questions about the upcoming events this week.Coach Dan

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