Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 10.13.2019

November 6, 2020

Good Morning Point Fitness!

Friday night lights week 1 was awesome! I know this WOD sucked but it was a perfect opening WOD for the 2020 season.

I think we all felt like curling up into the fetal position after that workout. I am super proud of the attitude everyone took on when this workout was announced and how everyone approached it.
If you have not completed the workout, you have until end of day Monday to complete the workout for it to be put on the leader board and to earn your points for your team.

Here are the updated teams since the onslaught of new sign-ups on Friday.

Please take a look and let me know if I am missing you or if you see any issues. Just like I forget at least one name on the board in almost every class... I am sure I missed somebody when putting this list together. I assure you... It was not on purpose!
As you can see... Team White could use another teammate... So if you are still deciding if you will join us or not... I would love to have you join our team. You still have until end of day Monday to do 20.1 and to declare whether or not you will do the open with us. All are welcome! If you already did 20.1, then you already did the hard part... Now all you have to do is declare "I AM IN!"

As for refunds. For those of you who paid $20 for registration but then switched to ACH afterwards... I will refund everyone as soon as registration is complete. Thank you to everyone who have made the switch to ACH. It may be a little thing for you but it is a big deal to a small business owner like myself.

Over the years, the open has changed a lot at CrossFit The Point. Year 1 we were in our little 2000 square foot gym where half the gym was covered with carpet. This was back in 2013 and it was when CrossFit was just creating a name for itself in Utah. We teamed up with 4 other gyms and each week a gym hosted the open workout. I have some great memories teaming up with these handful of gyms, some of which are still around changing lives.
Year 2-7 that we hosted The Open, we were in our second location and every year our participation grew and every year I witnessed amazing moments and have awesome memories.
This year is our first year in our new location and while we have moved and shifted locations, one thing has remained the same during the open and really any competition where CFTP members participate. The camaraderie.
The Open has changed quite a bit through the years. Particularly this past year where CrossFit has shifted its focus on health and wellness, the original focus of Greg Glassman and CrossFit, and away from CrossFit as a sport. They took the spotlight away from the open but this changed very little for me.
The Open is still what it has always been. It's a test of fitness. It's a chance for all of us to get together and sweat and cuss and celebrate our healthy life choices and our hard work. It's a chance for us to try new things and to set personal bests. It is a celebration of friendships gained at the gym and milestones reached. I truly love The Open because I get to see all of you pushing yourself and cheering on your friends.
I hope you all get a chance to experience this during the 2020 Open. Go all in! With the new Intramural format, you are able to not only complete the workout for yourself but also contribute points to your team and work together to win!

Friday night lights is a huge part of this. We had our first one this past Friday and we will continue to have Friday Night Lights throughout the open.
It will always begin at 6 pm and run until everyone has a chance to complete the workout. Over the next 4 weeks, I hope that you can schedule, at a minimum, one Friday night to join in on the fun. It is such a fun atmosphere. There will be food provided from the hosting team and it's just a good time all around.

For yesterday's Friday night lights I have tallied up the numbers from each team. If you don't see your name on this list but you were at Friday Night Lights, please let me know so I can count you for your team. Remember, 5 points goes to the team with the highest participation at each of the Friday Night Lights.

Team White: (8)
Dan Adamson
Helen Gardner
Chris Delangis
Renee Delangis
Kim Le
Chelsea Zorn
Ethan Brown
Jessie Lam

Team Black: (11)
Cindee Pugh
Jake Pugh
Mark Altmyer
Kristy Monks
Eric Nelson
Aubrey Martinez
Brad Hansen
Aleix Graham
Natalie Daniels
Andrea Stringer
Pat Garcia

Team Burgundy: (6)
Lindsay Winn
TJ Winn
Steve Ross
Carrie Ross
Jared Vogl
Ashley Vogl

Team Army Green: (9)
Chad Colunga
Brandon Bizzier
James Nielsen
Sean Wink
Tracy Elder
Edith Rodriguez
Anne Thornton
McKay Vowles
Megan Burr

Stronger Than Cancer
I wanted to put out a reminder of the awesome fundraiser "Stronger than Cancer" that Coach Mandy and Jessica Simonsen have put together. It will be this Thursday night at 7 PM. So that means, no 6:45 regular class. Come out and support this amazing cause and contribute. I am so grateful for Mandy and Jessica for doing this.

Schedule Announcement - Youth CrossFit
Week 1 of Youth CrossFit was so fun! I loved being able to coach your kids and they were all so awesome. I can't wait to see this program grow and reach more and more kids.

We have decided to move Youth CrossFit from 4:45 on Mondays and Wednesdays to 4:15. This was by request of most parents and I hope this makes it more possible for your kids to attend and participate.

Bring your kids in and give it a try. We are allowing kids 6-14 to join in on the fun.

Week 2 of The Open is upon us. Don't forget to get your week 1 score in before end of day Monday. If you signed up at, don't forget to enter your scores before Monday at 6 PM!

Coach Dan

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