Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 10.14.2018

November 6, 2020

Happy Sunday CFTP!Can't believe it is already midway through October... First an announcement:Quarter 4 Dexabody Challenge has already begun and I need to collect the list of names and money for those joining us this quarter. The quarter 4 scan will be end of December or first part of January. I'll announce the official date soon. If you are joining us this go around, shoot me a message or email and I'll start a list and start building the pot.Why do I workout?So two weeks ago I participated in a 24 hour CrossFit competition. After 8 WODs in 16 hours, I was pretty toast and I have to admit, burned out. So, when Monday came around I was not ready to workout again... Then Tuesday passed with no workout... Then Wednesday... Thursday I did the Lockdown WOD but then I didn't workout again till this last Thursday! I was in a slump and couldn't seem to muster up the motivation to kick back into gear. Sound familiar to anyone?What happened in this 2 week period? I felt lethargic. I was stressed out more than usual. I was restless and couldn't sleep at night. My body ached (and not the good ache you feel when you workout). I felt sluggish which led to more laziness and frustration. It was a vicious cycle. I then began to fall back into old patterns of crappy eating. It was incredible how quickly it all happened and getting back in for a workout became harder and harder.How did I solve the problem and plan to solve it? I started on Thursday and stopped with all the excuses and forced myself to workout. After I worked out, I felt exhausted but felt so much better. My Thursday felt more productive and I was so much happier. Then Friday came around... I was so sore but I took to heart what I tell my athletes all the time, when coming back to regular WODing, at a minimum come two days on and only one day off. So I worked out Friday and this set me up for a much more productive Friday and Saturday and Sunday. It's amazing how quickly your mind and body thank you for working out by gifting you with more energy.So to answer the question, why do I workout? Because I need it. We all need it. It keeps me sharp and it keeps my body young. This is just my own experience but there is also a ton of scientific evidence of the benefits of regular exercise. Forbes came out with an article a little over a year ago that explained some of these scientific findings:

  1. Reduces Inflamation
  2. Reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke
  3. "Slows" aging (This one is really cool)
  4. Triggers new growth in brain cells (Also really cool!)
  5. Helps treat depression, prevents it.
  6. Reduces dementia risk.

You can read more in depth of all these things by clicking here!I know that sometimes life gets in the way and can create many excuses but I can promise you that if you make coming into The Point a priority, you will see the benefits. If you are stuck in a rut and can't seem to get yourself into the gym, I challenge you to come in Monday and Tuesday this week and see how you feel. Then come in on Thursday and Friday! Make 4 times this week your goal and see the difference it makes in your lives.Coach Dan

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