Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 10.16.2016

November 6, 2020

Good evening CFTP Peeps,First of all, congratulations to Morgan Richards and Reagan Nickl for competing this past weekend at The Festivus Games! They did an awesome job representing The Point!Just in case you missed my Facebook post... We have come out with a new line of clothing and I have put Google Documents together to help with the ordering process. I am doing preorder only with exception to some of the t-shirt and tank orders. Everything else, if you don't order it, it will not be available to you. You will have until next Sunday to put your orders in. Here is the link to the Facebook group with all the information., a quick thought that's been on my mind. While this fitness journey each of us are on is a personal one, we cannot do it without the help of our friends and CFTP family. There is so much strength in numbers. Having someone in our corner rooting us on is essential for our growth.Before I started doing CrossFit 6+ Years ago, I was very anti class format training. I preferred to do my own thing. I preferred to throw my headphones in and get my work done and leave. I didn't need some coach watching me as I worked out. I didn't need a bunch of other people around me to motivate me. At least this is what I thought. When I look back at the old days of working out there is one essential thing missing. Intensity. I couldn't create the atmosphere necessary to really push myself as hard as I needed to in order to continue to progress. I hit plateaus weekly. I had weeks go by where I never even made it into the gym. I had no sense of accountability. If I didn't show up nobody noticed.That's the advantage of the team atmosphere The Point has. If you don't show up, we notice. Not only the coaches but your teammates notice. A great example of this is the 7:30 AM class. I hadn't realized just how much crap they gave each other until I joined their Slack group. You do not want to miss a 7:30 AM class... You will never hear the end of it! We all need this type of motivation from time to time.With this in mind I have decided to do a partner week! Every WOD this week will be a partner WOD. You will work together with your teammate to accomplish the WOD. This is a great opportunity for you to bring a friend in to give it a try. You don't have to have a certain partner. That partner doesn't need to be at the same "level" as you. When you come to class you will partner up and you two will take on the challenge together.This format should motivate us to push a little harder. My hope is that this will reinforce the fact that we, at The Point, are a team. When we workout, we workout together. While we are obviously there to improve ourselves and to achieve our own personal goals, we are also there to motivate and help our teammates accomplish their goals.I love partner weeks and I can't wait to see you all take on this coming week.Coach Dan

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