Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 10.20.2019

November 6, 2020

Good Morning Point Fitness/CrossFit The Point!

I wanted to talk a little bit about fear today. Many of us run into this emotion and many times there is a rational reason for this feeling.

Me during 20.2

When I saw the 20.2 announcement I immediately began to panic. For those of you who saw me at 65 Roses "doing" synchronized Dumbbell Thrusters with Coach LaDee can understand where my fear was stemming from.
It was a movement that I've been avoiding ever since. It may have been one of the most embarrassing and frustrating moments in my CrossFit competing life. For the life of me I couldn't link more than 3 together and it was demoralizing.
So was my fear coming from a legitimate place? Yes. And everyone who came throughout Friday had to hear about my fear.
BUT... I am happy to report that thanks to the support of everyone at Friday Night Lights and advice from my fellow athletes and coaches, I overcame that fear and exceeded my preset goal before the 20 minute eternal WOD.

Why do I bring this up? There are a couple of reasons.

#1 - This is why The Open and any competition are so important to me and why I push my athletes to sign up. It provides an opportunity for us to overcome our weaknesses and past failures. If I had my druthers I would have never done 50# double dumbbell thrusters again. I would have avoided them like many of us avoid our fears. But because the challenge was put out there, I accepted that I was going to have to do it and I better get over it. While they still aren't my favorite movement, I now know that if they are programmed in the future, I can do them.

#2 - We all have legitimate fears. Most of our fears, like mine, come from bad experiences in the past.
Some fear the box. Others fear the jump rope. Some fear competition. These fears stem from the fear of failure.

Our fear of failure is real. It can be frustrating at times when we have attempted something in the past and failed. It makes us not want to try again. I know many of you who have set goals in the past and have failed at these goals. So why set goals again that you are just going to fail at right?

I'm here to tell you not to give up. Don't let past failures hamper your future self. Failing is part of succeeding. If we avoid the things that scare us, we will never be able to grow and progress. Keep on working towards your goals even if you fail along the way.

Stronger Than Cancer Fundraiser

The supporting crew from the Stronger Than Cancer Fundraiser.

This past Thursday night was awesome. It was so great to have so many of you come out and support this cause.
With the money raised with this fundraiser we have decided to donate all proceeds to Steve Arnoldus and his sister's family. Steve's little sister Jennie Arnoldus Watson is currently battling cancer and the outlook is not looking good. :(. We are hoping the little bit raised from this fundraiser will help in some way.
We have decided to extend the shirt purchase and donation through tomorrow, Monday, night. We will be putting in a second shirt order so if you'd like a shirt and would like to support Steve and his family you can donate a minimum of $20 (To qualify for a shirt, less if you don't care to get a shirt) to the Mandy Turner's Venmo. Here Venmo is: @Mandy-Turner-1 Also include your shirt or tank size.

Schedule update
Starting tomorrow we will be expanding the Youth CrossFit classes into two sessions! We will still be doing Monday and Wednesday but instead of running both age groups simultaneously, we will be having the 6-9 age group at 4:30 PM and the 10-14 age group at 5:15 PM!
I have loved this first 2 weeks and really enjoy coaching your kids. If you haven't had a chance to have your kids try these classes out, I would love to have them come give it a try.

Thank you all for all your hard work and support at The Point.

Coach Dan

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