Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 10.22.2017

November 6, 2020

Good Afternoon CFTP!

First of all, thank you Coach LaDee for taking the lead on the OUR Rescue Fundraiser. It was great to see everyone's reps going towards such a great foundation as Operation Underground Railroad.

Yesterday, Emily and myself had a chance to go out to Wyoming to help move cattle with the Aimones. We were moving them from one 30 square mile area to another for the winter. I learned a few lessons while I was out there that I think are applicable to us and to CrossFit.This upcoming weekend we have a competition coming up called "Battle of the Valley"(BOTV). It is a team competition and a very unique competition. It is a continuation on what we built during the Lockdown. We battled for a month and came up with top teams from 3 different tiers. Now these tiers are combining forces to go up against Saratoga Springs CrossFit who did the same thing. In the BOTV competition each of our tiers will combine forces. Men's tier 1, Men's tier 2, Men's tier 3, Women's tier 1, Women's tier 2, and Women's tier 3 will consist of 6 athletes per team. Each of these teams will go up against their counterpart at Saratoga Spring CrossFit. We will complete 4 total WODs and for each #1 finish the winning team will receive 5 points and the #2 team will receive 3 points. At the end of the day, the gym with the most points will win BOTV!While I was out gathering cattle I learned something that I think can apply to us in life and in CrossFit and in particular, to BOTV. The cattle drive group all gathered together at the beginning of the day and had a little pow wow and discussed our goal and discussed what each of us were to do. In order to cover the 30 square miles in one day where these cattle may be, we had to work together. So we gathered and according to our abilities, we divided out tasks. Since Emily and I had horses we were tasked to ride out on some terrain where the truck couldn't go. Ben had a motorcycle to cover more ground and Mandi was tasked with the side by side to help out Ben. John, Ben's brother, had the truck and trailer to haul the horses and he also had a drone to fly around to look at some of the areas our horses and vehicles couldn't get to. As we headed out we all had our tasks and completed what was asked of us.At the end of the day we had gathered all the cattle from the 30 square miles and then had one last thing to do. We had to take the gathered cattle and drive them into a pen to get a count and to mark them. As you can see above... To drive the cattle you have to work as a team in order not to lose any of them and to drive them in the correct direction. As we surrounded the cattle and moved we had to work together to accomplish the task at hand.For me, this was my first cattle drive and I definitely made some mistakes. The team I was working with was patient with me and even though I may have had some flaws, I did my best to help out where I was able. In the end, I had learned a lot and I had gained some great experience and some awesome memories.This will be the same for all of our competitors this upcoming weekend. I know some of you are nervous that you are going to let your team down. Don't think like that! You know the tasks at hand and as a team you all need to get together and play towards your strengths. I am a competitor at heart and I want more than anything to win this upcoming weekend. It's a pride thing for me as the gym owner but what I want to see more than anything else is our team working together and our team cheering each other on. No matter which tier you are in, you are all representing The Point and a win in Tier 1 is worth the same amount as a win in Tier 3. No matter what happens on Saturday I hope you all give 100 percent all the way to the end.For those of you who are not competing at BOTV this year. I need your help too. I need judges and I need cheerleaders. Nothing will push our competitors more than a group of friendly faces yelling at us. It's going to be a ton of fun and even if you can only make it for an hour or two, your presence will be much appreciated and needed.The competition starts at 8 AM on Saturday morning and we plan to be done at noon or maybe 1 PM at the latest. Good luck to all of our teams!Don't let your fears control you. Overcoming your fears will be the driving force that leads to creating amazing memories and living life more fully.Coach Dan

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