Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 10.23.2016

November 6, 2020

Good Afternoon CFTP!

Partner week was so fun I am definitely going to be throwing Partner WODs in more often. I was so impressed with how much harder you pushed yourselves when you had someone depending on you. Very fun week.As you may or may not know. We started our 6 week strength program with Back Squats, Push Press, Deadlifts, and Snatch Balances. I am super excited to see you all increase your capacity over the next 6 weeks.I have extended the deadline for swag orders to Wednesday... So, if you have not ordered your CFTP swag yet please get on and order what you want. There are a ton of choices. Take a look at them all. The link is on our CFTP Group Member's page under the pinned tab. Please let me know if you have any questions.This past Thursday I went out for a ride. I was riding a horse that is only 3 years old and needs a little work. As we were exiting a ditch she tripped on some sagebrush and then another sagebrush and before I knew it she was bucking like crazy. I held on a for a bit but in the end I ended up on my back. At the time it was scary. The fear of not knowing if you are ok and being a little dazed. After we caught Fiona my dad asked me if I wanted to get back on. My answer? OF COURSE!The reason I share this story is because in life and in the gym we get "Bucked off". It is inevitable. Sometimes it is an injury. Sometimes it is a movement that we just can't figure out. Sometimes it is a gym mate that offended us in some way or another. Sometimes it is not knowing anyone at the gym. There are many different things that might "buck" us off away from our goals. The question is... What are you going to do about it? Are you going to let that thing keep you from achieving your goals? Are you going to let it get you down? Are you going to quit? Or, are you going to fight? Are you going to stand up to that situation and kick it in the teeth?Getting back on that horse after falling off was scary. Horses can be big scary animals but I am glad that I did. The fastest way to conquer a problem is to face it. The longer we run from it the scarier it gets. Don't let your fears decide your actions.Coach Dan

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