Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 10.26.2014

November 6, 2020

CFTP Representing at the Halloween Half

Good Afternoon CFTP,Final two weeks of the Lurong Living Challenge are upon us! It's been six weeks of eating Paleo and everyone has done amazingly. Now it is time to see how we have progressed as we begin to repeat the original three benchmark workouts. As we do each of the next three WODs be sure to look up your score from six weeks ago so you know what you have to beat. Bring your "A" game to the gym and give it your all. I want to thank everyone for sticking to this and I have seen great progress from all of you who have stuck with it. It has been very motivating to me to be surrounded by such dedicated friends.The month of November will be a busy one with events almost every weekend. Be sure to keep your eye on our Facebook page for updates and be sure to sign up to compete or volunteer. This is a great chance for us to get involved with the CrossFit community. I can't wait to be able to host Tuff Stuff on November 8th! I hope to see some of our own at this event. Take advantage of our home field advantage!Today I would like to focus on the importance of a positive attitude. Obviously in becoming better at anything you have to put in the work but hard work with a negative attitude not only effects your performance but also your progression. Having a belief in yourself is more powerful than I think we know.One example I'd like to use that we all know and that is Steve Arnoldus. He has been known as the "PR King". You want to know why? Because he is always setting personal records but even when he doesn't it doesn't bring him down. He looks for something positive and then builds off of that. I remember one day we were doing a 1 rep max on a movement and many people set a personal record of their own and then it came to the 745 PM class. I was excited to see how this class was going to do and almost the whole group PRed by at least 5 pounds except for Steve. It just wasn't his night but the WOD following that PR attempt had a movement that in the past Steve had struggled with and this time around he performed amazingly. I asked him after how it went and he said how disappointed he was with not setting a personal record but how excited he was to actually be progressing in other areas. He didn't let that "failure" get him down.A personal positive attitude is important but so is being positive towards our CFTP family. I believe that when we are as excited for our own PRs as we are for the personal records of others in the gym we can reach another level. The record board is there to push us and it is so amazing how much we push each other. If we put people down because they out performed us in a lift or a benchmark WOD then we completely missed the point of it all. Celebrating others successes is paramount to our own personal success.That is what I love so much about our community. You all are so supportive of each other and are continually cheering all of your friends on. With the upcoming events if you are not competing I hope you will be there to support those who are.Positivity brings success.Coach Dan

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