Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 10.29.2017

November 6, 2020

Good Afternoon CFTP,What an incredible experience yesterday and throughout the Lockdown/Battle of The Valley. I seriously loved watching all of you throughout The Lockdown. There were so many victories and so many limits pushed and so much fear overcome. I saw sides of you that I have never seen. I saw you all push yourselves more than I've ever seen and it was amazing what you all were able to accomplish throughout The Lockdown.Then yesterday, I was able to witness the culmination of your work at the Battle of The Valley. You all fought so hard and gave 100% the whole morning. And even though, after all was said in done, we ended 10 points short, I couldn't have been more proud of your performances.You all rightfully earned your spots into the big day and you represented The Point proudly. I personally was sad because I wasn't able to throwdown with you but this also gave me a front row seat to witnessing all of the greatness that went down yesterday. We had 36 athletes who worked hard and earned their spot at The Battle. Nothing was given to you. You earned your placement through 4 weeks of hard work and you took on the earned invitation and accepted the challenge and did something amazing.I asked the athletes who competed yesterday, to share with us something they learned or accomplished during this year's Lockdown/BOTV. Before we get to those I want to share something I learned. NOTHING IN LIFE IS GIVEN. You must earn what you get. In order for the teams that competed on Saturday to make it there, they had to go through 5 workouts. They had to earn that Lockdown Podium spot. Dave and I didn't just throw teams together for BOTV. We invited the top 3 teams from each division because they earned it. I am a huge believer in giving people what they work for. Not to say everyone didn't work hard during The Lockdown, because you all did. But at the end of the day these teams ended up on top and earned the right to compete.I am so proud of all of you and when I hear experiences like you all will hear below... It makes all of this worth it. Love you all!Coach DanLOCKDOWN/BOTV EXPERIENCESMark AltymerDuring this years Lockdown event I learned so much about how important technique is. The very first event with power cleans had my lower back and forearms burning. Since I couldn’t let Miguel down, I pushed through it making adjustments with my form to make sure I didn’t let him down. This brings me to my next learning moment from this years comp. During the chipper yesterday my team had planned it out based on each other’s strengths. Any of the coaches at CFTP know how much I struggle with burpees. They destroy me physically and mentally. By the time we got to them I needed to go out there and help out even though it wasn’t part of “the plan”. Since my team was relying on me I knew I couldn’t let them down and those were probably the fastest burpees I had ever down...with way better form than I have ever done. To me, I learned that there are 2 factors that can hinder success in my journey: mental and technique. I am so glad we have great coaches and athletes at our gym to help coach me through these moments of weakness that coach to technique and encourage me mentally to help me get stronger! My favorite movement are cleans. Two weeks ago I thought I hit my pr at 175 but after receiving some advice from Coach Dave on Wednesday I realized I needed to really practice my squat clean. All of that led to a 20# PR in my squat clean during the ladder event which I know was only done because of great coaching to technique and having my friends there encouraging me during the lift.Mike Hays

I think I expected to see athletes that were more like us in tier 1, and when they did a gym photo, I remember thinking “okay, but I don’t really see any tier 1’s”

So I think I kept wanting to make excuses for why we were losing each of the rounds. I finally said to myself “it’s time to let it go, we showed up, we worked hard to get here, and this isn’t about them.” Watching Mark hit a 20# PR in the clean ladder was amazing and I could enjoy that. I watched their athletes cheer us on, and our athletes cheer them on. Humbling. I was very glad to work with the team we had, so thank you for hosting, and thank you to Eric, Chris, Miguel, Mark, and Brandon for giving it all.

Eric Golub

Being a part of something bigger than myself helped push me to work harder and become better. I built some meaningful connections with people in our gym that I would have never had a chance to if I didn't compete in this battle.

Brandon Bailey

I was bummed that I got an injury in the first event...but I determined that I could still contribute to the team in some lesser way.

I love team sports, so the lockdown and battle were awesome for me. I loved the teamwork that came about, and meeting more people from other sessions.

For our team, we each communicated what strengths we thought could help the team the most and executed well. Although we didn't beat our head to head team, I found that I was thrilled with our competitiveness.

I am glad I fought through pain to contribute for my team. I believe I have a grade 1-2 muscle strain in my vastas medialius, which is essential for any squat movement.

My final thoughts would be that I was inspired by one of our tier 3 women athletes. She went first on the hand stand walk and I can't believe she stuck with it so long and never gave up. I don't know how many other athletes there would have done the same.

Jenny Boyle

First off, I tried to avoid even signing up for the lockdown. Only being back a couple month postpartum, I thought it was just one more thing I had to worry about and didn’t want the pressure or stress. One day during stretches Challey came up and asked to partner up, I agreed. We went into lockdown with the mindset of having fun and trying our best but didn’t have any intentions on placing. The weeks came and went and lockdown was over. It felt good to have it over, and then we found out we placed and would be going on to compete. The stress set in again and I tried to think of any excuse to not be able to be there. Challey responded to Dan’s message and said, “If Jenny is up for it I am willing.” My thoughts then changed. I couldn’t let Challey down after we had made it this far, I didn't want to leave her hanging. The competition came and it was a lot of fun. I learned to never underestimate yourself. To show up for yourself and your team and do your best. Most of all, to face your fears instead of finding the easy way out. I am happy I had this experience, it turned out to be such a great one and really was a lot of fun.

Cami Taylor

I feel the most valuable thing I learned from this whole experience is how naturally it comes to be in the moment and in spirit when my ego is not present. When I'm competing, I am surrounded by so much inspiration and so much support that for me it comes easy just to do what I know how to do, to perform and to be a team player. Coming into a new gym is not easy but this experience has allowed me to make great friends and to open my self authentically with you all!! I am so grateful and honored that I got to be apart of such an amazing talented group of girls. I love this sport!

Emily Stout

I’ve participated in the lockdown once before. I swore I would never do it again. The anxiety and pressure to perform a certain way was to much. I’m more of the type that like battles me against me to see how much I can improve, but me and a partner against everyone else with little chance of winning wasnt my idea of “fun”.The lockdown rolled around this year and my feelings hadn’t changed; however I found myself caving to the peer pressure and signing up the last day. While I barely escaped death on one of the wods and was questioning my decision to have signed up I’m actually glad I did. Without the pressure to “win” (but okay if we didn’t)I wouldn’t have pushed myself quite as hard. I left all the lockdown wods feeling great and knowing that I gave it my all. BOTV was no different. Totally outside my comfort level and worried about performing a certain way (with way more people than I like watching 😂). After I realized I wasn’t the only one feeling this way and a wod started I found myself motivated by my team and everyone cheering for us (I actually pr’d on my clean which was a fun surprise) . I never thought a crossfit competition could be “fun” yet here I am saying I had fun and toying with the idea of doing it again. I tell my kids all the time you can’t say you don’t like something until you at least try it. I guess that applies to me to. 😏Thanks for the extra push on the last day to just do it “it’ll be fun”. I can actually say it was fun.

Chris Carpenter

I had a lot of fun with the lockdown and trying to catch the teams we were competing against.If I learned anything yesterday it was that just because you don’t think you can do something doesn’t mean you can’t. I didn’t think I could do the jumping chest to bar pull ups but when it came down to it I was able to get through them. They weren’t pretty or fast but I got them done.

Mandy Turner

One thing I love about competitions is you always learn something about yourself whether good or bad and you end up wanting to improve and work harder. One thing I learned is you need to believe in yourself more often. Mental strength can be stronger then physical strength. Megan proved this by finishing her handstand walks, even though she stopped several times, she got back up, tried again and finished! Second is it's ok to ask for help. I am amazed at all the people at The Point who were quick to take time out of there workout or time out of there day to help me try and accomplish my goal of hand stand walks. I am so grateful for all the help and patience with me! It's never been easy for me to ask for help. I always think I can do it by myself. I got so much further with the help of others then I would have alone. As a coach it's always so exciting for me to see people step out of there comfort zones and compete! All the tiers fought very hard and did amazing! You should all be proud of yourselves.

Rich Naylor

So even though we weren't available to do the final comp, I still wanted to say something about lockdown.

First of all I want to say how awesome it was to have an opportunity to compete with my son, Braiden. He blew me away by how much he stepped up his crossfit game for lockdown, he gave it his all with PR's every time. I think that this is what lockdown is all about. Its great for giving those that normally wouldn't compete the chance to jump in and learn about how you can push yourself more than you thought you ever could.

Dave Martinez

One thing I learned from the Lockdown is that we have some really driven athletes at our box. I’d rather go to battle with 52 badass competitors instead of just 1. I can’t wait until we get to do this again.

Shante Reeder

I had zero intention of signing up for the Lockdown. But somehow, after an hour of Dan's sweet talking, I ended up being partnered with Marianne. Each week that she and I completed the lockdown, I felt proud of what I’d done and I realized that as I competed beside her, I was getting glimpses of myself as an athlete that I never had. She challenged me and pushed me in ways that I don’t push myself. Sometimes, it’s easier to play it safe and just sit on the sides lines cheering others on and saying to ourselves, “That’s something I could never do.”, but I am truly glad that this time I got the extra push from Coach Dan to do something out of my comfort zone. And with a partner that intimidates the crap out of me! I saw a side of me that I didn’t think I had. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how much weight we lift or what our best Fran time is compared to someone else, what matters is that we surround ourselves with people who unknowingly push us to be better, and that we recognize that we can do it! We just have to be willing to put ourselves out there and try.

Marianne Sharp

I was reminded how much I love working out with friends and encouraging each other. Loved watching everyone accomplish tough things and watching big girls do muscle ups because it gives me hope.

Kim Carpenter

It's amazing how much you can push yourself when you have other people depending on you. The pain somehow gets pushed to the back and the need to succeed takes over. Although we came out on the losing end I can say with surety we all gave it our best effort. I came with away with a fire ignited...tomorrow I take the steps to become a better version of myself.

Ethan Welborn aka Mountain

I gained a better appreciation for the cftp family as a whole. The others there were really inspiring. Especially tier one. Also I really enjoyed competing with a group of guys I don't usually get to work out with.

LaDee Dangerfield

Even though we didn’t win, I was super proud of the gut wrenching, all out sacrifice that I saw athletes give, time and time again! The push of working with a team and knowing that you can’t give up is something that is so awesome to see. The cheering and encouragement to not only our own athletes, but to those of the other team shows such grace and love toward people that are out there just working as hard as we are to be their best. So proud of everyone and ready to get back to the gym to continue to strive for more!

Amy Merrill

Competing as a team in the BOTV was an incredible experience for me. It was awesome to work TOGETHER with these amazing women that I had been working so hard to beat during the Lockdown. We came together as a team, and where one teammate was weak, another one stepped up. We truly have an amazing family at the box, so many people came to watch and cheer us on. I was honored to be a part of the BOTV, and it was a pleasure to represent The Point.

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