Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 10.6.2019

November 6, 2020

Good morning Point Fitness!

Point Fitness Stronger than Cancer Fundraiser

First things first. Every one of us have had or currently have someone who are affected by cancer. Cancer has taken the lives of some of the people we are closest to. We have seen it change the lives of those we love.

Thursday night, the 17th, we will be hosting a fundraiser at 7 PM at Point Fitness. We will be doing a WOD and raffle for prizes. If CrossFit isn't your thing or you can't make 7 PM, come in a little later at 8 PM and join in our High Fitness class for free with purchase of a shirt. The cost for the shirt and participation is $25 or you can just buy a shirt for $20.

All proceeds will go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. You can find more information about this program at

Please Venmo Jessica Simonsen or Mandy Turner ASAP to claim your shirt size and to donate. Venmo: @Mandy-Turner-1 or @Jessica-Simonsen-3

In all the years I have been involved in CrossFit The Point and now Point Fitness, I think the favorite thing I have seen and been a part of are fundraisers like this. Over the years I have been able to facilitate a great number of fundraisers that have helped change the lives of others and lighten the burdens of those closest to me and closest to my friends.

We have been able to raise awareness and money for an amazing organization, Quit Trip'n and Suicide Prevention when one of our own lost his life to suicide.

We have been able to contribute to our local veterans who have come home from serving our country with PTSD.

We have even been able to reach out across the globe and raise money for a family that lost their husband and father while saving the Thai soccer team trapped in an underground tunnel.

From our world wide reach we also have been part of many local family's tragedies that they have turned into opportunities to serve others. Like that of the Brighton a Day foundation that was established after the Tenney's lost their daughter.

We had a coat drive for the homeless on the streets up in Salt Lake.

We have also had more private fundraisers that we have been able to raise money for people within our very community who have fallen on hard times...

These fundraisers, like the ones above, have come about due to kind-hearted people like Mandy and Jessica. They have approached me and then created amazing events that benefit our communities.

To me, this is what life is all about. There are so many suffering people in this world and sometimes it can be overwhelming. For myself, I often get overwhelmed to the point of doing nothing because it's hard to believe that my little contribution could ever make a difference. But that's the wrong way to think about things.

When communities like Point Fitness band together for a cause it can have a ripple affect on everyone around. I am so grateful to be part of our Point Fitness and CrossFit The Point Family. You all inspire me to be a better person and you are making a difference in this world. Thank you.


Youth Fitness
I have some good news and bad news in this announcement.

Youth CrossFit
The good news is that our Youth CrossFit classes are good to go starting tomorrow! Starting tomorrow at 4:45 PM we will be running ongoing Youth CrossFit classes for ages 6-14 every Monday and Wednesday at 4:45 PM. These classes will be 45 minutes in length.
I am really excited about this. I've been wanting to have a youth and teen program for a very long time and due to the previous layout at CrossFit The Point, it was virtually impossible to do but now... We are doing it!
Youth CrossFit will allow your children to experience the benefits of fitness in their lives. It will help develop a love for fitness that we hope they carry throughout their lives and into adulthood. It will also be an opportunity for them to raise their fitness level and give them an upper hand in the various sports they may be a part of.

Youth Muay Thai
Now the bad news. Our Muay Thai coach has decided to take a leave of absence from coaching Muay Thai. This came as a shock to me because we had scheduled her back starting Tuesday and I just got word about this yesterday!
This has been very frustrating for me as I am sure it is for those of you who have come to love these classes. I am not giving up! I am determined to add a martial arts program at Point Fitness and I will continue to work to make this happen.
If you have anyone you think would be a good addition to our team please hit me up. I am not going to rush to fill this vacancy because I want to ensure that whoever I bring in is in it for the long run so this never happens again. I am open to any martial arts discipline.
In the meantime, for those of you who have purchased punch passes for Muay Thai, you have two options, we can roll those punches over to Youth CrossFit for the time being or you we will refund you the full amount.
Once again, I want to apologize for this. For those of you who know me and have been with me for a while, know how frustrated I am about this situation and I will work to rectify this.

CrossFit Open
Finally... our final announcement. "CrossFit Christmas" or the CrossFit Open 2020 is upon us! WOD 1 announcement will be this Thursday! If you haven't signed up with our intramural, please do asap so we can get you on a team. If you have questions about how to sign up or how to gain free entry into the intramural open, please email me and I will explain. Or look back on the many posts and emails I have put out about it.
We made our picks early yesterday morning and the teams are taking shape. This is going to be fun! 5 weeks of banding together, sweating, cussing, and PR'ing. Doesn't get much better than this.

Coach Dan

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