Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 10.7.2018

November 6, 2020

Good Afternoon CFTP!I am really excited for tomorrow night at our CFTP Party at Labyrinth. More on that in a bit. First, I want to announce our 2018 Quarter 3 Dexabody Challenge winners!2018 Quarter 3 Dexabody Challenge WinnersSuch amazing results from our winners! I am excited to announce all of them!WomenThe women had 6 who signed up which made the pot worth $240! With 6 competitors, I have chosen two winners:1st Place $150

Alicia Deibert! Alicia had a 16.6% decrease in body fat percentage which means she dropped 5.3%! With this change she lost 10.7 pounds of fat while still being able to gain 1.4 pounds of muscle! Congratulations Alicia!2nd Place $90

Beth Burk! Beth saw a 10.8% decrease in body fat percentage which means she dropped 2.9%! With this change she lost 4.3 pounds of fat while gaining a staggering 5.6 pounds of muscle!MenThe men had 12 competitors who signed up which made the pot worth a whopping $480! I have chosen 3 winners:1st Place $240

Mark Altmyer! Mark killed this challenge! He dropped 6.8% of body fat and had a total change in body fat percentage of 19%! With this change Mark was able to lose 17.3 Pounds of fat and gain 10.4 pounds of muscle!2nd Place $150

Zach Lake! Zach came out of a bit of a hiatus and dropped 3.7% of body fat and had a total change in body fat percentage of 18%. Zach lost 9.5 pounds of fat!

3rd Place $90

Caleb Deibert! Caleb dropped 3.1% of body fat and had a 9.7% change in body fat percentage. He lost 11.2 pounds of fat!Congratulations winners! I will be putting out a 4th quarter sign up on my desk and on Facebook for those who want to join the challenge in quarter 4! The next scan will be either end of December or first part of January.CFTP Labyrinth Party

The CFTP Party at Labyrinth is tomorrow at 6 PM! THERE WILL BE NO EVENING CLASSES!A couple of things to prepare for:What to wear?You will want to wear shoes you can run in and clothing that you can maneuver in. Also, don't bring purses or handbags because you'll end up having to carry it around with you in the rooms.When should you show up?Try and get there before 5:45. You will want the full 2 hours to go through the different rooms. The address is:635 North 1700 West, Suite 100Lindon, UT 84042What to do before you come.Fill out the waiver beforehand. You can fill it out by going here! This will save you a lot of time on Monday night. If you haven't RSVP'd please do so by following this link here.I can't wait to hang out with all of you outside the gym. I am so appreciative of you and the community you have become for me. You all are like a second family to me and I am excited to host this event for you all. I hope you all can make it!Please let me know if you have any questions!Coach Dan

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