Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 11.1.2020

November 6, 2020

Good afternoon! What a beautiful November day!

I hope everyone had an amazing Halloween. I have a couple of schedule announcements and then an awesome accomplishment to share!

Friday 9:30 AM Class
We are adding a 9:30 AM class on the Group Fitness side! We will be bringing back Barre Fitness every other week with Burn every other week. Our Barre Fitness instructor will be Kimberly Pettitt!
I am super excited to be able to add this class so that we now have a class every weekday at 9:30!

November Kid Care
This is very important! We currently are missing 6 days in our November Kid Care! If you are bringing your kids to kid care, please check and see if you can take some of these empty spots. This only works when everyone does their part.
Go here to sign up! We need sitters for tomorrow and Tuesday this week!

2020 Lockdown Friday Night Lights
The final workout will be done this Friday. We are holding an event to finish off the season and crown the winners!
Join us!

Kassy's First Pull-up
Everyone who know's Kassy loves having her in their class. She always brings the pep! This past week she accomplished something amazing and I am proud of her! She was kind enough to share her story of her first pull-up.

Coach Dan

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