Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 11.12.2017

November 6, 2020

Good Afternoon CFTP!First of all... Congratulations to Amy Merrill on her win at CrossFit Lehi yesterday!

I just want to say how awesome it was to hang out with you on Friday night! It was just a small group of us but every time I get the chance to hang out with my box family, I am reminded of just how awesome you all are and how much each of you contribute to our community.Being a member at CrossFit The Point brings lots of advantages. We have great coaches who care about you. Just yesterday, we had our monthly trainer's meeting and I could just feel how much our trainers care about us. They train because they love seeing you successful.We have programming that is created with you as a group in mind. I spend hours and hours working on the micro and macro cycles and doing my very best to challenge you all in order to make you fitter. It's not random, it's well thought out and researched.BUT, the most important thing that I believe CrossFit The Point provides is the community. It's each and every one of you. Every time I hang out with you in the gym or outside I am reminded of what each of you bring to the table. It's astounding to think that our walls are filled with such unique and amazing individuals. You may not realize it but when you don't come to the gym, it affects more than just you. When you miss your 5:30 AM class or your 5:45 PM class or whatever class you regularly come in, I notice and so does your box family.One of the coolest things I have noticed is, when we circle up before class, I have your box mates asking about missing members. They notice and they ask me, where you have been or what happened to you. Not only that, they go a step further and offer to contact you and to check on you.When a member decides to suspend their membership, it hurts. Let me tell you why it hurts me personally. First thing is that when you watch an individual work tirelessly to improve themselves and you see such huge improvements and you can recognize the change from the first day they walked in and then to see them leave, it's hard. Not only that, when that individual leaves, I know it's going to affect the whole box. It changes the whole dynamic in the classes. You bring a special something to your class and it is missed when it's not there.So, when I was watching Thor with you all on Friday I thought of you. Right at the end of the movie when they are evacuating their home and they say, "Asgard is not a location, it's a people." BOOM! That's exactly how I feel about you all. The Point is not a location, it's the people of The Point that make it what it is.Coach DanToday's Member spotlight goes to one of our newer members... Mike Hays!

1. I started at The Point in July of 17, so a few months now.2. I am a Business Development Rep for a company called BROWZ and just starting as a Director of Sales for a start up company called Reputation Shielder3. Before Crossfit, I had been going to Lifetime fitness and the Treehouse for the classes. I dabbled in Yoga, but I had no idea what I was doing.4. My biggest accomplishment so far, was the Battle of The Valley. I was really excited to go up against our athletes, and really see the progress that I have made, and then to finish the comp going against another box was really a highlight for me.5. If I had any advice to give someone, is to not shortchange yourself, take it slow, but don't nix something because it is unfamiliar, and maybe scary. I started crossfit and saw the double unders as impossible for someone like me, but I have worked on them, and now can do some in a row.6. My favorite movement that I have learned so far is the Snatch. I had no idea you could do that with a bar, and then to throw weight on it, is really cool. It makes me feel like Hercules.

7. Fran is the one WOD that stands out to me, mostly because it is such a fast workout, and you get a whole lot done. I really like Fran. I almost died, and it was scaled. I want to shave time off of Fran, so that is my current goal.

8. My goals in the gym are currently to get my lungs in better shape, to be able to complete a workout without scaling the double unders, break 195 clean, and multiple pull ups. I can do 2 now, so I am really excited to see what I can accomplish at The Point.

9. I had heard that there were a lot of injuries due to Crossfit, and I was really scared of it. I watched my friend John White go through an incredible physical change, and he brought me in, and I have felt a huge change. I had no idea there was such a camaraderie in the gym, and I have been welcomed by everyone. It's an amazing experience.

10. My journey has been full of accomplishments, learning experiences, and flat out fun. I get excited for the competitions, The Point Family has been so helpful and welcoming, and everyone really is invested in each other. I am excited to see where this road leads, and happy to share the experiences with all of you!

Trainer's notes:

Coach Dan: Mike has been fun to watch from day 1. He come in with goals and he has worked hard to accomplish those goals. In the short 4+ months he has been at The Point, I have seen him grow so much as an athlete. He is always hungry to learn more and in my opinion, that type of attitude makes for the best athletes.

Coach LaDee: "Mike is one of the most energetic people I know! He is always willing to learn proper technique and works to better himself! So proud of the steps he’s taken so far and where’s he’s going with his health!"

Coach Wheeler: "Mike has serious heart. 3-2-1 go and it’s all out. Fun to coach and watch him get better."

Coach Mandy: "Great attitude and he is a hard worker! He is also great to coach!"

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