Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 11.15.2015

November 6, 2020

Good Evening CFTP,CrossFit The Point has always been known for our family atmosphere and our willingness to compete. We consistently have the most competitors at every event we attend and we consistently have the biggest crowds cheering on our athletes. This past weekend wasn't any different but the difference this past weekend is we walked away with some hardware! We had 3 teams at The Rocky Mountain Classic and while two of our teams finished strong in the top half of the competition we had one of our teams finish on top of the podium and one of our other athletes with a multi-gym team finish in second in the Elite division.I was so proud to see them up there. I am so proud of all of our athletes. You all work so hard in the gym and to see your hard work get recognized is well deserved. The progress from athletes at our gym is getting recognized by everyone around. I want you all to know that people outside the gym know just how strong you all are becoming. It isn't a secret anymore that The Point has some Bad "A" CrossFitters.I love how much you all push and help one another. Everyone wants to see everyone else progress and succeed.My final thought is concerning the upcoming 'Twas The WOD Before Christmas comp that we are putting on at The Point. If you decide not to compete we are in need of the best judging and volunteer team around. You will get lunch and a t-shirt for helping out. On the back whiteboard I have a sign up for judges and for volunteers. If you are interested and available to help out please put your name up there. If you are a judge plan on having a little meeting with the head judges and myself before the competition to go over movement standards. Our goal this competition is to ensure that we are fair across the board and that every standard is the same from every judge.Thank you again for being so willing to help out whenever we ask.Coach Dan

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