Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 11.15.2020

Dan Adamson
November 15, 2020

Good morning. Just a few announcements today.

2020 Lockdown Results
I announced this year's results from the 2020 lockdown in a post on Facebook and wanted to post it here as well. Congratulations to all who competed. It was so fun to see you all push so hard in all the workouts. Here are your final results:

Tier 1 Winners:


1st: Isaac Merrel/Scott Leslie

2nd: "Two Peas in a WOD" Kannon Howerton/Colin Vowles


1st: "Curl Jam" Emily Jackson/Cathy Bradley Leslie

2nd: Cindee Pugh/Bekki Reneker

3rd: "Bulking SZN" Numi Hamilton/Morgan Earley

Tier 2 Winners:


1st: Stephen Olson/Kevin White

2nd: Jake Pugh/Colin MacArtney

3rd: Mikey Sanchez/Zach Lake


1st: Alicia Deibert/Lisa Moore

2nd: Ashley Vogl/Larissa Taylor

3rd: "Sister Act" Taylie Sargent/Daynia MacArtney

Tier 3 Winners:


1st: Danny Reeder/Brandon Bizier

2nd:Kannon Howerton/James Nielsen

3rd:Caleb Deibert/Brent Ramey


1st: Lindsay Winn/Brooke Moore

2nd: "Bulk" Amy Latta McKinnon/Karissa Jackson

3rd: Krishelle Butterfield/Marianne Oliverson Sharp

This week's schedule
We are going to continue the pause on the CrossFit kids classes this week. Everything else will remain the same. Don't forget about the new class on Friday 9:30 AM. Burn 1st and 3rd weeks and Barre Fitness on the 2nd and 4th weeks. I hope you all have a chance to make it to these classes.

Holiday Push
With it being November, we have about 6 weeks of holidays ahead of us but really how much of that is holiday and how should we approach it? Many times people see this holiday season as a time to take time off of healthy eating and working out. They say, "I'll get back to it after New Years." This is the wrong approach. I saw a very interesting post yesterday to put this season into perspective. Check it out:

So well put. This goes for working out as well. Don't let a few holidays screw up all you have worked for throughout the year.

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday. See you all at the gym tomorrow!

Coach Dan

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