Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 11.17.2019

November 6, 2020

2020 Intramural CrossFit Open

I loved this year's Open. The WODs were great tests and it was so fun to see so many of you participate and set new personal bests. Many of you did movements that you had never done before or have not done in a long while. The thing I loved most about the open this year was the support and fun atmosphere you all created.

While the ultimate goal of this open for me wasn't where each individual placed or even where each team ended up, it wouldn't be CrossFit without score keeping and a leaderboard. So let's give it up to our leaders!

Top 5 Male and Female and Team Final Ranking

1st Place: Brandon Bizier
2nd Place: Zach Lake
3rd Place: Dan Adamson
4th Place: Tyler Clonts
5th Place: Pete Clayton

1st Place: Lindsay Winn
2nd Place: Karissa Jackson
3rd Place: Megan Burr
4th Place: Katie Munoa
5th Place: Cami Taylor

1st Place: Team White (192 Points)
2nd Place: Team Army Green (160 Points)
3rd Place: Team Black (146 Points)
4th Place: Team Burgundy (137 Points)

You can check out all the final standings here!

This year I decided it was important to award a "Spirit of the Games" award like they do at the CrossFit games. This goes to an individual who demonstrated heart and dedication. A person who went above and beyond, who set high goals for themselves and accomplished them. This individual did all of this while injured.

Helen Gardner - Spirit of the Games
Helen was devastated when just a week before the open she injured her foot. She thought that she may not be able to do the open but she didn't let it deter her and she did every single workout with a boot on. I could tell she was frustrated but it really is a great lesson to all of us. We are capable of more than we think.
Not only did she finish all the workouts but she also was the only person to turn in a fully finished bingo card! She blacked out her whole bingo card. This is impressive for anyone because I made it quite difficult this year but for someone with an injured foot... it's even more so. If you all remember... One of the squares was to run/walk 5 miles! Helen went to the Rec Center and did just that. She walked a full 5 miles on her injured foot.

Congratulations Helen!

For white team they will all receive custom CrossFit The Point Intramural Champion 12 ounce bottle for your hot drinks!

For the spirit of the games award, Helen will receive a bag embroidered with our logo and the spirit of the games tag!

I want to thank you all for the fun Open season. I can't wait until February when we do our in house "Lockdown" competition. Be thinking about who you will team up with! More details to come about that.

Coach Dan

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