Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 11.19.2017

November 6, 2020

Good Afternoon CFTP,Today I would like to talk about progress. Each and every one of us are on our own independent paths. Each of us are working to become our best selves. We all have goals and we all are on different spots on these paths. Even though our goals are different and we are all are at different points, it doesn't change the fact that each of us are striving for progress.One thing I have come to realize is that each and every one of us have setbacks in our pursuit of progress. We're going to have days where we sleep in. We are going to have days where we eat that extra brownie or two or three. We will have days or sometimes weeks where we didn't make time to get into the gym. This happens to all of us at some extent. The question that arises is, when this happens, how long does it take for us to right the ship?Below I will be spotlighting Tara. She started back in July and there is a reason I asked her to be our spotlight today to go along with this subject. When Tara first joined the gym she had absolutely zero experience. I remember the first day after foundations, she asked me, "So, where do the weights go on the bar?" First of all, how brave do you have to be to come into a situation like The Point and commit to learning something so foreign?After figuring out where the weights go, she began to learn. She was open to coaching and she wasn't afraid to ask questions. This past Thursday, I had the opportunity to coach her and even though she still was shaky on the terminology, she picked up that barbell and demonstrated a beautiful clean and a beautiful push press. She is still just at the beginning of her fitness journey but if the past 4 months is any indication, she will continue to progress and will continue to do things she never thought possible.Tara is a perfect example that progress can be made by anyone if they are willing to put their ego aside and are willing to put themselves into uncomfortable situations.Sometimes it is hard to see our own progress. I always say that I wish I could go back and watch myself do CrossFit when I first started... It would definitely make me feel better about my fitness progress. One really important thing all of us can do to help us see our progression is to keep track of what we do in SugarWOD. It is a free app with CrossFit The Point's workouts available for you to enter in your weights and times and to keep a continual record of your progress in each movement.One more thing I would highly recommend you do is to begin taking advantage of the DexaBody scans that come to The Point quarterly. I get myself checked every time they come to The Point in order to keep me honest and to help me "right the ship". We have them coming again tomorrow! Follow this link to sign up for your time to get checked. The Dexabody is the most correct body fat check I have ever received and I love being able to see where my fat is and where my muscle is. They give you a full packet of information to go over and your previous scans are right there for you to see in the same packet.We also run an in house $40 buy in for those interested and the winners get the pot! So money... Is always good motivation.Whatever your goals and wherever you are on your path, The Point coaches and The Point members will be here to support you.Coach DanMember Spotlight: Tara!1. How long have you been at The Point?Almost 4 months2. What do you do for a living?Mom3. Prior to finding CrossFit what did you do for physical exercise?A lot of housework, run occasionally, and still use the VHS 1990’s Cindy Crawford workout. Never been inside a gym.4. If you had to pick your favorite accomplishment during your CrossFit journey so far, what would it be?Reading the workout board and actually understanding what some of it means. Trying to do each movement.5. What is one piece of advice you could give new CrossFitters that you wish you knew before you began?The instructors are speaking English. At first, I thought I would need to purchase an interpreter droid to understand the lingo and what was going on, but thankfully Dan and the coaches, and members, are helpful, kind, and patient to explain and help the newbies (or the 4 monther that forgets what-is-what that early in the morning). The app is helpful, too.6. What is your favorite movement in CrossFit?Kettlebell swing.7. What is your favorite all time WOD you have done?I have a favorite warm up instead. There was a warm up where the bikes were facing each other with a foam roll in-between. First biker to roll the foam roll into their competitors bike could get off their bike and stop. I’m used to finishing last, so it was a pretty shocking awesome when I got a lucky boost and was the first competitor off their bike! I’m pretty sure the WOD for that day humbled the win I had had in that warm up :)8. What are your goals for the upcoming year?I think the Grinch summed it up well…“Down a size and a half! And this time, I’ll keep it off.” I’d also like to discover that my middle section has a core and not marshmallow.9. Before starting CrossFit what was your view of CrossFit? How has that changed since joining?Only for athletic, gym loving enthusiasts. A flabby, forty something, female can find fitness and fun at CrossFit.10. Give me a brief summary of your CrossFit journey thus far.The Green Day song “Still Breathing” sums up my past 4 months at CrossFit. I’m truly grateful for Melanie Anderson for inviting me to join her at CrossFit. I did not want to do it but was frustrated with being out of shape and energy. Seeing my friend Mel, who lives with MS and yet is fit, healthy, and happy, inspired me to at least give it a try. I certainly don’t love the gym, but I appreciate and love how CrossFit has helped me become stronger, feel better, have a greater desire to be healthier, have more energy, and overall more empowered to try new things. I thought I would try it for a few months and be done, but have enjoyed the results after completing workouts that are always challenging yet rewarding. Nothing good comes easy.

Trainer's thoughts:

Coach Dan: I have loved seeing Tara and what she has been able to accomplish in the short time at The Point. She has inspired me because she came from no knowledge of any of the movements and she has slowly developed into a great athlete and a fun athlete to coach.Coach Leslie: "Tara has been very consistent since she started in July and it shows! I️ have loved watching her grow and learn new movements. I️ love her determination to get it right and keep pushing through! Great work Tara!"

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