Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 11.22.2020

Dan Adamson
November 29, 2020

Good morning!

Happy Thanksgiving week. This is by far one of my favorite holidays and I hope you all are able to celebrate it albeit a little different than year's past.

Twas' The WOD Before Christmas
Year 6 of our biggest competition is only 2 weeks out! This competition will look a little bit different this year as we separate the Scale from the Rx and we have now cut out all spectators. So, if you were planning on coming in and cheering on the competitors from The Point, the only way in is if you volunteer this year. So if you'd like to sign up as a volunteer, please go here! Volunteering could mean, judging, scoring, equipment cleaning or equipment setup. We have plenty of work for all of you to do so please come and volunteer if you are available. Our volunteers are what make our competitions great. Go here to sign up!

Lockdown Shirts
Lockdown shirts are at the gym in the lobby! Please get the shirt that you specifically ordered.

Thanksgiving schedule
Monday through Wednesday this week will be our regular schedule.
Thursday schedule will be two CrossFit class hours. 7 and 8 AM. We will be doing our yearly Turkey Day Massacre Workout.
Friday schedule on the CrossFit side will be 7:30/8:30/9:30/4:45/5:45
Point Fitness Friday schedule will be: 90 minute class at 8 AM. 45 minute High, followed by 45 minute barre.

Monthly Coaches' Train the Trainer
Yesterday we held our monthly train the trainer meeting and it was awesome to learn from our training team. The thing we focussed on the most was the nutrition part of health. We went over the difference between Macro counting and full on meal plans. I asked Coach Shauna to write up the difference. You can find that here. If you ever have questions or are looking for that accountability and want to learn how to better fuel your body, contact one of our stellar Nutrition coaches. Coach Kannon, Coach Kim, Coach Jamie or Coach Shauna.

Meal Plan vs. Macros: What's best for me?

Coach Shauna Article

Sunday Thoughts
Lastly, I'd like to share my gratitude to all of you, especially during this time of thanksgiving. We should all be grateful for the health that we enjoy. No matter what fitness level we are at currently, we have the opportunity to progress. I'm so grateful for your examples and for the training team we have at The Point. They are the best around and truly work to make you healthier.

Coach Dan

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