Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 11.24.2019

November 6, 2020

Good afternoon Point Fitness!

I am excited to roll out a few announcements today. I first want to talk about new offerings coming up in the future.

Speed and Agility
What is Speed and Agility? This will be a 6-week course geared towards youth sport teams. We currently have a couple of La Roca Soccer teams attending this initial course and we are taking registrations for our upcoming course starting first part of January.
In this course we will be focussing on speed, acceleration, power, strength and agility. My goal is to provide some training that will not only produce more well-rounded athletes but also provide them with some knowledge to continue to progress as an athlete.
We are currently coaching just soccer teams but I am open to other sports as well. If you have a son or daughter who has a team that is interested in taking this course, please email me and let me know.

What if my son or daughter wants to do it on their own?
This is a question I've already fielded with a few parents. My answer to this is have them attend the different Youth CrossFit programs we have available. We currently provide training for kids from age 6-17. This is a great way for them to get the extra training if their whole team may not be interested. It will give them an edge for their upcoming tryouts as well.
If you can't make both days of training, there are punch passes available.

Youth Sports
Allow me to jump onto my soapbox. I am a huge advocate of youth sports. I believe that youth sports provide a place where kids can be kids. It provides them lessons in teamwork, humility, failure, triumph, kindness, and a myriad of other attributes that can help the youth grow up to be successful adults.
Over the years I have seen a shift in how youth are directed in the youth sports world. More and more these youth are pushed into a certain sport at a young age. I believe, for the most part, this is a mistake. I even talked with someone recently who explained that their son had played over 100 baseball games this year! 100!!! No wonder kids are getting burned out.
While I chose to play soccer, by age 14, I had already experienced other sports such as baseball, football, basketball etc. I had the opportunity to learn new sports and make an educated choice on what I wanted to do. I believe this made me a better all around athlete.
More and more I see most sports going year round. There are no breaks. There are no chances for our kids to explore other sports or other methods of training. This is a big reason why I love the options we now offer at Point Fitness. The Youth CrossFit and Teens CrossFit and now the Speed and Agility classes give the youth a chance to try new things. It will keep them from getting burned out while still training and becoming better all around athletes.
I hope that what we provide your children will not only make them better athletes but better people. I take training your kids very seriously because I know that we are training our future leaders.
(Soapbox dismount... And he sticks the landing!)

Membership Upgrade Changes
I'm really excited for this announcement. We're always trying to figure out ways to provide more value to your current memberships while still staying afloat.
I have loved seeing so many participate in our added classes, i.e. Olympic Weightlifting, High Fitness, Bootcamp... Because of the great participation we have seen, we are adjusting the upgrade options for our CrossFit members.
Starting immediately we are separating the Group Fitness upgrade from the Olympic Lifting upgrade. The full facility upgrade is still available to those who attend all that we offer but if you are using the upgrade to only attend Olympic Lifting or Group Fitness in addition to your CrossFit classes then we have another choice for you.

Upgrades now available
First, to qualify for these upgrades, you must have an unlimited membership to CrossFit.
Olympic Lifting add-on: $25/month
Group Fitness add-on: $25/month
Full Facility add-on: $40/month

So, if you are currently paying $40/month for your upgrade but you only find yourself using Olympic Lifting or only find yourself using Group Fitness, let me know and I will adjust your membership to the lower priced option.
I am hoping that this lower price point will allow more of you to upgrade and participate in all that we have to offer. We have amazing programs and I want all to benefit from it.

Upcoming Schedule Changes
This week is Thanksgiving, We will have regular hours through Wednesday except we will be canceling CrossFit Kids and yoga on Wednesday.
Thursday we will be canceling all classes except CrossFit. CrossFit will have a 7 AM and an 8:00 AM option on Thursday.
Friday will have the regular hours for CrossFit. The 6 AM Bootcamp will be canceled but 9:30 will still be a go. We will also have a special 7 AM High Class that will be free to all! So invite your friends for some pre-black Friday shopping fun.

December Schedule changes
This past Monday we hosted a Pop Pilates class and really loved it. So we are adding it to our ongoing schedule starting in December. There are also a few other changes starting in December:

Group Fitness December Changes
High Fitness: (Now available options 5 days a week!)
Monday 8 PM
Tuesday 9:30 AM
Wednesday 8 PM
Thursday 9:30 AM
Saturday 7:30 AM (Time change)
Bootcamp (No change)
Monday 6 and 9:30 AM
Wednesday 6 and 9:30 AM
Friday 6 and 9:30 AM
Pop Pilates (NEW)
Tuesdays 7:30 PM
Thursdays 8 PM
Myofascial Rolling
Saturdays 9 AM

You can always check your app or go to this link to see the updated schedule.

I want to thank you all for all your support and understanding as we are constantly trying to provide the best service possible for you and your fitness goals!

Coach Dan

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