Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 11.27.2016

November 6, 2020

Good Evening CFTP,I am excited to announce that your swag is here! (Well, most of it... A few misprints being dealt with). I am wearing my fleece pants right now and I am so comfy!!! Thanks for your patience and I apologize to those of you who have had to deal with the printing errors. Just feel good that you are helping a small business get his feet underneath him.First off I want to remind everyone about the upcoming CFTP Box Christmas Party on Tuesday, the 6th of December! The movie will start at 6:30 PM so come at 6 to start getting your spots... Bring some blankets and pillows to relax on. There will be a hot chocolate bar and treats! Bring the whole family! The kids will love it. It will be a family friendly film.One hour. One hour of each day is all that you have. Our days are full of work, kids, activities, kids, work, cleaning, driving, kids, work, family, and whatever else that occupies our time. We get one hour to ourselves. We get to spend one hour improving our bodies. We get one hour to decompress and to relieve the stresses of the day. We have one hour where we can come into The Point and focus on ourselves. It isn't selfish. The rest of the day we are out trying to please everyone else. You deserve this one hour.When you take one hour out of your day to take care of you, you in turn are better able to take care of the trials outside of the gym. One hour is only 4.1% of your day but if you use that one hour to improve you, it can be the most important 4 percent of your day.When I miss that hour therapy session with the barbell it affects me. It weakens my resolve. I find myself making mistakes. I find myself being sluggish. I am short with my family and with my friends. Missing that one hour makes me a less productive human being. It weakens me, not only physically, but mentally as well.This is why I love CrossFit. This is something we can do everyday for the rest of our lives and all it takes is focusing on ourselves for 1 hour. This one hour you spend can save you from all kinds of future hardships. I've been coaching CrossFit for over 5 years and I have seen CrossFit affect lives in ways you wouldn't believe. I have seen individuals overcome depression. I have seen many individuals fight off diabetes and obesity. I have seen individual's mindsets change and have seen them more successful in their businesses than ever before. I have seen relationships built that have in turn created friendships that will last a lifetime.Coming to The Point is more than just a workout. It will change you, if you let it. The people at The Point will change you for the better. The coaches will change you, if you let them. Your outlook on life will be brighter and all you have to do is dedicate 1 hour out of your day. All you have to do is commit to coming and and focusing on you for a change.There is nothing more satisfying as a coach than to see you succeed. On Saturday, as we were ripping up the turf, I heard the voice of Lauren Montelette yelling at me to come over... I made my way over and... BOOM! She busted out her first pullup!!! She has worked long and hard to accomplish that feat and she has done it. She has done it by committing to coming in 1 hour a day and working. She accomplished something she never would have been able to accomplish without that commitment.Recommit to dedicating 4 percent of your day to making you better. Make it a priority and I know you will see change happen.Coach Dan

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