Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 11.29.2020

Dan Adamson
November 29, 2020

Happy final week of November!

December Kid Care by Committee
I believe this daycare by committee has been working well. We have had a few days where those who signed up were sick or otherwise couldn't cover but for the most part in the past 3 months, we have only had a couple of instances where there weren't sitters for the 8:30 and 9:30 classes.
How does it work?
If you are new to The Point, let me explain what we ask of those using the kid care hours. If you plan to use kid care through the month, we ask that you cover one shift per child that you have using kid care. This is all on a volunteer basis but it's a really good deal. Instead of asking you to pay for kid care, all you do is cover a couple of hours a month and that covers your whole month of kid care.
We understand that some may be unavailable to do this and if that is the case, it's ok. We still want you to be able to come in and workout. But if you are able, we ask you to please take a shift so we always have an adult upstairs to watch the kiddos.
Here's the link for December:

Thank you for signing up for a shift to help us make kid care a possibility at The Point.

Twas' The WOD Before Christmas 6

The week has arrived for our annual TWBC competition! This coming Friday and Saturday we will have competitors from multiple states and 20+ gyms to compete in this year's event.
What does this mean for you?
This means Friday evening and Saturday classes will be canceled.
How can you help?
If you are available to help out, we could definitely use more volunteers. I have made a google sheet for you to jump on and take a shift. The shifts that are needed are:
Friday 1-6 PM
Friday 5-9 PM
Saturday 6-9:30 AM
Saturday 9:30-1 PM
Saturday 1-5 PM

Follow this link to add your name to all the shifts you are able to help on or email me back and I'll add your name for you.

We love our volunteers and really appreciate you. Also, this year, if you aren't competing, volunteering is the only way into the competition.

Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday deals
We are running the following two deals for your friends and family. We realize that not everyone is ready to commit to a month to month contract so we created these two discounted deals to help your friends get a taste of CrossFit The Point and Point Fitness classes before hopefully deciding to join us.

CrossFit 10 Punch Pass: $75 (Regularly $125) Link: Click here to share the deal!
Group Fitness 10 Punch Pass: $25 (Regularly $75) Click here to share the deal!

Share this with your friends! This ends EOD Monday!

As always, thank you for being a part of Point Fitness. I am so grateful that you have chosen to get fit with us.

Coach Dan

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