Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 11.5.2017

November 6, 2020

Good Afternoon CFTP,

Happy end to daylight savings. Today, I'm going to touch on something that I have come to understand.Every year when we run our promotion in July I see a lot of people come in. They come in with the intention to better their situation and to live a healthier lifestyle. During these three months of the promotion I see a variety of situations unfold.First, there are the group of people who have goals and they come in really excited to sign up and get going and I see them a handful of times and they disappear.Second group of people I see is the group of people that come in and throughout the three months they try the gym out quite a bit but still pretty sporadic and don't get the benefits that could be obtained from regular involvement with the box.Third group of people I see are those who really hit it hard in the three months and really see amazing results and integrate themselves into the gym family and love what they are able to accomplish and really buy in until either situations change or something happens and they decide it's not something for them to continue to do and end up giving up all that they gained through all their hard work.The final group are those who do what the third group did but commit themselves long term and are able to stick to it and build on the successes they've obtained throughout the three months and realize the role fitness plays in their lives.Obviously, these are very broad parameters to where people will land and I realize that sometimes life is busy and it's tough to make it all work but I want to point something out. If you don't make your health a priority then in the future your health will force you to pay attention. While I realize our lives are hectic and our lives are expensive and our lives are unpredictable, if you don't make time to better yourself, you will regret it when you get older.As I get older, I have began to realize just how fast time goes. As I watch people my age begin to struggle with obesity or physical limitations and they are barely in their mid 30s... It creeps up on you. When you neglect yourself and focus on all the distractions that life has to offer then before you know it, you will be in a position that will force you to take drastic measures to overcome. It may not be today or tomorrow but if you don't take care of the one body and mind that you have then you can't expect it to perform the way you want it to.This goes for more than just getting into the box. This applies to what we put into our bodies as well. Now days it is increasingly difficult to have a well balanced diet and on the other hand it is getting easier and easier to find ways to eat healthy. There are more and more resources coming out that are providing recipes and tips on how to eat healthy but it is up to us to listen and use these resources.One prime example is from our local friends Clean Simple Eats. Erika does an amazing job at creating 40 day meal plans that can help you eat a healthy real food diet. Another example is one that I am about to jump into and a group that we are bringing into the gym this Tuesday. They are called fit for work diet. They provide meals ready to eat for you all week long. I have tried their meals and they are delicious and they are made with real food.

Check out their website and come in Tuesday to ask questions and get signed up. CrossFit The Point will be the pickup location for your meals and you can just pick them up when you come in to workout.My goal at The Point is to provide the best training and best atmosphere possible in order for you to be successful and to stay healthy. I am always looking for companies that can help make that possible and when I find one, I always want to share it with you. Fit For Work Diet is another company that could be just the ticket to get you eating healthy. Food prep is exhausting and if you're anything like me, I do well for about 2 weeks and then all of the sudden all the fresh food I bought for the week begins to rot in my fridge because I start to lose my motivation to prep and cook.Keep on working hard toward your goals and when you start to feel like you're losing motivation, contact me and let me help. We all go through those ups and downs in our training and in life and our gym family will always be there to help get you back on track.Coach Dan

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