Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 11.8.2015

November 6, 2020

Good Morning CFTP,Another week down equals another Sunday Spotlight. What a great week of hard work put in. We've had a few of you join in on the fun of the CrossFit Liftoff and it's been great to see Prs put up by those individuals. The best thing about competition, in my opinion, is that it makes you push yourself. Not only during the competition but working up to the competition. When an individual signs up for a race, an obstacle course, a CrossFit competition, a training course, or anything their whole outlook on training shifts.When people make that conscious decision to compete I see a physical and mental shift in the way they train. All the sudden there is purpose behind working out. All of the sudden there is a timeline that they must be ready for. I believe this is why we see such progression from all of you as athletes. You aren't afraid to throw your hat in the ring and compete. Because this has become a way of life for you, we are now catching up to competitors who have been competing for years. We are making up ground on them. Every competition you sign up for the more progress you are going to see.This upcoming weekend we have 4 teams and an individual competing in the Rocky Mountain Classic. I am so excited to go and watch them. I hope you all can make it up there as well. In addition to this upcoming comp we have CFTP's first self run competition! 'Twas The WOD Before Christmas is going down on the 5th of December! I am so excited for this. If you haven't seen anything about it jump onto our event page here. This event is the same layout as The Lockdown but we are doing it at one level... So something between the Rx division and scaled division. If you competed in the Rx divisions of Lockdown you can definitely compete here. If you did well in the scaled division of the lockdown then you will be fine to throw your hat in the ring here. This is a multi-gym contest. I saw how you all competed against each other... I can't wait to see how you do against the other gyms in the area! You don't need to be with your same partner but you can if you'd like. Teams are already starting to form and sign up.If you are interested in signing up here is the registration page. Get on and get signed up before the teams fill up! I'd love to see us dominate the board on our own competition. We do have home field advantage after all.For those who choose not to sign up I will ask you to help us make this event the best ever by volunteering. We will be needing judges, score keepers, and equipment movers to help things run smoothly. My first choice is to have you compete but if you decide not to then I would love to have you help us out. Judges and competitors will receive a shirt and free lunch from Chick-Fil-A!I will be putting signups on the back board. If you want to compete but aren't sure who to sign up with please put your name on the board and we will find someone for you. Let's show the rest of the CrossFit community what CFTP is all about!Thank you all for being so loyal and helpful to me and to all the staff at The Point. I am really lucky to have such great individuals at the gym who are willing to push themselves and willing to work hard.Coach Dan

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