Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 11.9.2014

November 6, 2020

Good Afternoon CFTP,Spectacular day yesterday. I want to first thank all of the volunteers! Although we were merely the hosts of this competition we showed up and did a great job at running it. We are so lucky to have the support that we do at CFTP. Thank you so much for your amazing hard work.Now, congratulations to our competitors! CFTP represented well in this event. The performance from these athletes was very impressive. The WODs were as difficult as they were varied and you all took them in stride. I am very proud of all of our competitors. Each and every competition we compete in we progress as a team. Thanks for all the hard work you put forth.I want to take a moment and talk to you about our team. Dave, Ryan, Tara, Emily, Aubrey and myself are in this game of CrossFit with you all in mind. I am so lucky to have a team that cares as much about your experience and your progression as I do. Each time we get together the discussion is always, "How can we make The Point a better experience for our members?" It is an amazing thing to have the kind of support I do in creating the best environment possible. Many times all you see is me because I am the one at the gym training for the most part but I want you to know all the hard work that my partners do to make CrossFit The Point run. The behind the scenes work that goes on to help in making things smooth at the gym is more work than I think many of us understand and I can honestly say that CFTP would not be where we are without the combined efforts of the team. So thank you to the CFTP partners.Lastly, the end of the Lurong Living Paleo Challenge has finally come!!! YAY! I hope that you have learned from this experience and even if you don't continue the strict Paleo lifestyle I hope it has changed the way you eat. I know it has for me. Having 8 weeks to clean up the diet and realize I can live without some of those foods has been something I have needed. Don't let yourself totally give in now that the "Challenge" is over. Eating healthy is a constant battle and we need to continue to stay strong.This Saturday is The Slavestealer competition at CrossFit Lehi. I will be there to judge and the top athletes in the world will be in attendance! If you haven't signed up still show up and show your support. It's going to be an amazing event!Coach Dan

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