Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 12.11.2016

November 6, 2020

Good Afternoon CFTP,First of all. Saturday was a huge day for our gym. We put on a great competition because of some very self sacrificing volunteers. We had athletes kill TWBC2 and represent CFTP very well. And we had our Powerlifting team set National Records and personal records! I don't even know where to start so let's start with our awesome powerlifting team.

Adam, TJ, Coach Leslie, and Steve all competed in the APF Powerlifting meet. Notice how they all came home with some hardware!!! I am in awe at the weights these peeps lifted. We have all seen them putting in the extra work with our powerlifting coach and it definitely paid off big time. Steve Arnoldus set 4 National Records! His Squat, 468#, his Bench Press 303#, and his Deadlift 507#. With a total record of 1278#!!!TJ and Leslie both hit national records as well... Not exactly sure in which categories.Leslie hit a 286# squat (meet pr) 158.9# bench (meet pr) 292# deadlift. She took first place in her weight class and took home best lifter in her age division!Like I said I haven't received TJ's and Adam's lift results yet but I do know records were set by them as well. I am so impressed with their work ethic and their support for one another. It is a perfect example of the CFTP community. They push each other to be better and they receive guidance and are coached by our one and only Coach Charms. So proud to have him as part of our coaching team.I want to now express my thanks for the volunteers the last couple of days. Being a judge is so taxing and yet you all sacrifice your Saturday to come in and work 10 hours nonstop. I want to tell you all how important you are to the success of our competitions. Without you we would never be able to pull these off and this past weekend I realized that more than ever. This year our volunteer pool was about half of what it has been. It is a busy time of year and it was tough to get volunteers and I understand that. This meant that our volunteers had to take on more than usual. They were in charge of judging almost every heat and on top of that they were in charge of transitioning weights from division to division. You don't have to be there, yet you stuck it out with Dave, Erik and I the whole day. Even when a couple of you had to go and take care of business you were back before we knew it helping us out again. Thank you again.I want to explain why we have decided to host competitions like Twas The WOD Before Christmas. There are quite a few reasons but here are a couple of the main ones.#1- You all know that I believe competition brings out the best in all of us. I love being able to create an atmosphere where athletes from all over are able to come in and accomplish things they never thought possible. I love putting out a workout and seeing people prepare for the movements that we challenge them with. It is an amazing feeling to see people pushed past their limits.#2- These competitions that we host bring in money. Why would we do them if they didn't? The important part about this money is where it goes.Have you ever noticed how right before and after a competition new equipment magically appears? All profits from these competitions go right into the improvement of the gym for our members. Without these competitions we would never had been able to afford what we have this past year. This is a way for us to raise money to improve our gym for our members without raising membership prices. So the better we run these competitions, the more people we have that participate and the more people we have participate, the more equipment we are able to get for us to use everyday.So, we all owe a huge thank you to the volunteers. We have loyal competitors for all over come to our events because of how well they are ran. The only way we are able to run them as smooth as we do is because of you. I know it sounds repetitive but I don't know of any other way to express my thanks for all that you do for me and for the CFTP family.I will see you all tomorrow! 2 more max lifts this week and one more test!Coach Dan

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