Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 12.13.2015

November 6, 2020

Good Afternoon CFTP,Has everyone gotten over their 'Twas The WOD Before Christmas Event hangover? I'm finally feeling human again. I want to say thank you again to all those who helped and to all those who competed. We have had nothing but compliments on the programming, the judging, the flow of events, everything! You all definitely did an amazing job representing The Point. Thank you.I just got done watching the CrossFit Invitational and it got me really excited about what is coming up next... The CrossFit Open. The Open is for every one of us and it happens yearly. Every year at the end of February CrossFit hosts a worldwide online competition called the CrossFit Open. In the Open everyone has a chance to compete within their region in hopes to making it to the next stage which is the Super Regionals. Out of the Open they take the top individual athletes and teams and those athletes go onto regionals. From regionals they take the best of the best from each region after a grueling 3 day test of fitness and they move onto Carson California in what you all have seen on ESPN, The CrossFit Games. At the CrossFit Games they test the athletes further to figure out just which individuals and which teams are the fittest on earth.Every year CrossFit The Point has had a high participation rate. Last year they started a new level... The scaled level. This has made it possible for all of us to compete no matter what level we may be at. I am hoping all of us participate in 2016. I am very excited to see just how much we have improved over the past year.In preparation for The Open you may have noticed that once per week we have included WODs from previous Opens. The ones with the names 14.2 or 15.1... are WODs that were performed in years past. This is also a great opportunity, for those of you who have competed in year's past, to compare yourself to your old self to see how you have improved over the years. Recording these scores are essential to gauge just how far you have come. You will repeat these workouts throughout your CrossFit lives.Speaking of gauging your improvement I wanted to hit on one more thing. Recording scores. Everyday we have a workout on the board and we put a score up there. Every night I take a picture of that board and post it on Facebook. While I do this to let you all know how you stacked up against everyone else throughout the day I also do this so you have a second chance to write down your score if you had forgotten to earlier in the day. It is so cool to go back and see just how far you have come over the past months and years. Right now we are using SugarWOD which is a great app to record your scores and have them with you at all times. Soon we will be installing a new software that all of you have can use within the gym. Until I do that I expect all of you, if you haven't already been doing it, to record your scores in some way or another.While I was at my CrossFit Level 2 certification we talked a lot about programming. One of the biggest things I drew from that is the importance of repeating certain workouts every couple of months to see if we are improving as a box and if you all are improving as individuals. We have been doing this but not as overtly as we should. In the upcoming months you will know your test WODs and when we will be repeating those. Keep your eyes peeled for this in the near future. This will be a great guide to you to see how far you have come as an athlete and where you may still need improvement.Finally, I wanted to congratulate two of our athletes who have just competed in their first ever Powerlifting Meet. Steve Arnoldus and Adam Carpenter both competed this past weekend and did an amazing job. It was so fun to watch them compete and hit their numbers in their back squat, bench press and deadlift. Great job guys. Your hard work is paying off. Hopefully, this is the future of our CFTP Powerlifting Team? :)I hope you all had a happy Sunday and a great weekend. I will see you all tomorrow as we continue to improve ourselves mentally and physically.Coach Dan

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