Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 12.13.2020

Point Fitness/CFTP Angel: Kind of late getting this out but it is something we have done for the past few years and I want to continue this.
Dan Adamson
December 13, 2020

Good afternoon!

Point Fitness/CFTP Angel
Kind of late getting this out but it is something we have done for the past few years and I want to continue this. In the past few years we have helped Point Fitness/CFTP families in need. If possible, we would like to keep this to current or past members that you may know who need financial need or maybe even might not be having a Christmas due to their circumstances.
So, if you know anyone or you yourself could use our help, please message me personally and once we get a family or two or three who are in need, we will start collecting money to help them out. It has seriously been an amazing thing and I hope we can continue it this year. I am always so excited to do this and you all are all so awesome to participate.

New Year's Resolutions
What are you doing right now to better your health and wellness? Currently myself and my family are quarantining with the Covid-19 virus so I have been thinking a lot about this virus and communicating with others who have it or who have had it and there's something I want to share.

Now, this virus is unpredictable and is still very misunderstood but I feel like I can confidently say that the better you take care of yourself on a daily basis the less likely a virus, such as this, is going to have a huge impact on your life. There are obvious exceptions to this but for the most part this rings true.

What do I mean by this? By coming into the gym and eating healthy foods we are actively fighting against what the future might throw at us. None of us saw Covid-19 entering our lives here in 2020 but many of you were still preparing to take it on without knowing it. For all of you who come in every day and workout and try your best to watch what you eat, you are actively preparing yourself for what the future will throw at you.

I remember earlier this year I shared a story about going up in the mountains and riding a horse. I am not going to retell this story but the story ended with the horse rearing backwards and landing on top of me. It could have been a tragic accident. Luckily the horn of the saddle landed on my leg and that took the brunt of the force. I correlated that experience with the muscle I had built up through the years protecting my bones from being fractured and I was left with just a deep contusion. Without knowing it, I was preparing myself for falling off that horse.

So, as you set goals for the future, let's make sure one of them is taking care of your body now, so that your body will be ready to fight anything the future will throw at it. Work hard now so that your future will be brighter.

Ute CrossFit East Draper Refugees
It's been so great getting to know our visitors! So many have come throughout last week and tried us out. Thank you for joining us and giving us a go. I sincerely hope you have had a great experience and really hope that you will join the CFTP family going forward. Thank you to all the current members for welcoming them into our gym family.

Covid-19 rules
I sent out a reminder of a few things for everyone to remember and I thought I would place them here as well just in case you missed the email or Facebook Post.

I want to start this message off with a kudos to you all and to our training team and cleaning team. Over the past 7 months since we reopened we have done an amazing job of keeping Covid-19 out of the gym. Through your vigilance and responsible manner we have been able to prevent the spread within our walls.

With that being said, with the rise in Covid cases across the state and across the nation, we are not immune to this disease and we have begun to see members contract Corona. So I wanted to email you all and reiterate our policies for Covid-19.

1- When you come into the gym, wear a mask when you are not actively in the middle of a workout.

2- Social distance during your workout and especially when socializing before and after. Don't linger before and after your workout. Avoid high fiving and back slapping... (I know this is very hard because we all love each other but just a little while longer!)

3- IF YOU ARE SICK OR SHOWING ANY SYMPTOMS - DO NOT COME! This is so important. If you have symptoms or are living with someone who has tested positive or obviously if you have tested positive, don't come to the gym. This is going to be the biggest key to stopping any kind of spread to our gym mates.

4- Continue to clean your equipment after you use it.

5- Sanitize your hands as you come in and on your way out. Good hygiene is another huge way to prevent any kind of spread of disease.

6- If you do test positive, please let me know if you may have been in the gym during your contagious period and personally contact people in your class that you know you have been close to while attending.

7- After recovering from Covid-19 give yourself some time and ease back into things. Covid, even with little to no symptoms, can affect your lungs and breathing and may affect your abilities in the gym.

We respect your privacy and won't broadcast who has it and who doesn't but we will let the trainer know if you were positive in a class that you attended and may email the members of a class that you attended while possibly contagious so they can be more aware of their symptoms.

The fact of the matter is that this virus is spreading quickly and we want to do all that we can to prevent any spread inside our walls. You really could get it anywhere but a goal of ours has always been that no spreading will happen at The Point if we can help it. But it's going to take your vigilance to our rules to make this happen.

Please let me know of any concerns you may have. I really do appreciate you all and all I care about is your health and wellbeing and I know my training team feels the same way.

Thank you all for being so awesome and for caring for each other.


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