Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 12.16.2018

November 6, 2020

Good Evening CFTP,As I was laying in bed last night at 3:30 AM once again, for the 4th day in a row, dealing with an almost 3 year old who just wouldn't sleep through the night, I noticed myself complaining and asking why! Anyone who has dealt with sleep deprivation due to a naughty child knows the frustration. The child hysterical unless she can "snug dada" (Snuggle with Dad) but even with that won't fall asleep for over an hour after you give in and before you know it, it's time to drive 6 hours home. It is frustrating and you feel picked on as a parent.After I got done complaining in my head about my "terrible" situation, some words from Coach LaDee came to mind, which I'll share in a second. I came to a realization that my situation really isn't that bad and there are so many more people worse off or going through true trials that don't even compare to a naughty child. In fact, there are people we are all very close to going through trials. People within our CFTP family. We may or may not be aware of these people's situations but I believe it is our duty and our opportunity to help.I want to carry over the idea I wrote about last week. When Miguel and Alejandro were pulling that heavy sled and the whole community was cheering them on. We currently have CFTP family pulling a heavy sled in life and going through hell and we have an opportunity to stand up and help them. So I'll let LaDee share our idea to help these people in need:Coach LaDee:"Each year as I get older the more I realize that bad things happen to good people and nobody is exempt from that. We may not always understand why but I’ve also come to realize that when bad things happen there are good people that help by loving and supporting us. This year we have a couple of our members that despite the amazing people that they are, have encountered complete devastation in their lives. We have an amazing CFTP family that will love, support, and pray for each other. This year we’d like to offer an opportunity to give love and support to a fellow member and friend. We’re choosing not to tell details of their stories because it’s their story and their life, but if you’re looking for an opportunity to give, please take advantage of this. We’re asking for any monetary or gift card donations that you would be able to provide. You can Venmo Dan with the comment “CFTP angel gift”or leave any gift cards or monetary donations on the desk clearly marked with “CFTP angel gift”. We hope you have an amazing holiday season and cherish those moments with your loved ones. Merry Christmas!"Thank you LaDee for this amazing idea and I really hope you all take advantage of this opportunity. There are a lot of opportunities to give this time of year but if you're looking to help someone who is part of your CFTP family and who will receive 100% of what is given, please help out. My Venmo is @Daniel-Adamson-6 and please mark it CFTP Angel Gift and I will be sure to give it to these people.I love being a part of such a giving community and I am so grateful for everything we have raised in the past to help those in need. I know that we can come together and even if you can give a few dollars, it'll add up to a lot and could be a lifeline to these individuals.Thank you,Coach Dan

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