Coach Dan's Sunday Spotlight 12.2.2018

November 6, 2020

Good Afternoon CFTP!First off, make sure you nab the free drinks sitting on our benches. They are past the sell by date so we aren't selling them but anything left will go in the garbage. Also, I brought down a few lost and found items and baby things and left them on the turf. If they are yours and you still want them, please take them.This is the big week! We have 19 teams from The Point competing in our TWBC4 Competition on Saturday. On top of those 19 teams we have another 51 teams from 30 different gyms coming to compete! Saturday the 8th is going to be a blast.WE REALLY NEED YOUR HELP. If you are available on Saturday to help volunteer and/or judge and you have not let me know, please email me or comment on this Facebook post and let me know. We need a constant 15-20 volunteers available throughout the day. We need people to help with judging, signing people in, and setting WODs up. You will get free lunch and a long sleeve shirt for volunteering. We will be starting at 6 AM and the competition will run through 4 PM.I am super excited to have so many of our own competing in our competition. This competition is a blast and will really be fun to watch. I really hope you all are able to come out and watch and volunteer because I think you all will really enjoy watching your peeps compete and we could really use the help.Thank you all for your willingness to help out. Competitions like this take the whole gym to run smoothly. Let's keep our reputation of awesome comps alive!Coach Dan

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